6 Ways To Fix Arris Modem Slow Internet

Arris Modem Slow Internet
Arris Modem Slow Internet

If you’ve to name one thing that has become an absolute necessity in this world, it would be the fast internet. This is because the world has been transformed into a global village. Everyone is connected to each other through the internet, irrespective of the physical distance.

That’s the prime reason that slow internet can be exhausting. Whenever the internet speed is low, we tend to blame the service providers but in the case of Arris Modem, it can be the culprit itself. In this article, we are sharing tips that will help you enhance the internet speed on the Arris Modem. So, have a look!

Ways To Fix Arris Modem Slow Internet

1) Higher Interference

When we are talking about slow internet speed, the number of devices connected to the modem actually determines the reason. For instance, if you are using outdated cordless phones, the internet won’t work on them. Even more, the signals and frequencies from other electronic devices, such as refrigerators, cameras, ovens, and speakers can interfere with modem signals.

Also, if you’ve put the modem near some electronic device (such as a radio or TV), it will mess up the signals. In multiple cases, the wiring right outside the wall can interfere with signals as well. These are some examples of how network congestion and interference can negatively impact internet speed. So, you can keep the modem away from such electronics or switch the electronics off if they aren’t in use.

2) Environment Matters

If you are struggling with slow internet speed on your Arris Modem, you need to consider the environmental factors because they pose an impact on the wireless transmission. For instance, if your space’s walls are made from metal or concrete, there are high chances of signal blocking. Also, water can be a bad conductor for internet signals as well.

If your walls are made from concrete, you need to put the modem in another part of the house where there are no wall blockages. All in all, the location of the modem should be central. If you have the modem installed in a corner, try relocating it, or establish the ethernet cable network for better results. Also, if there are some antennas on the modem, make sure that they are tightened up.

3) Distance

As you keep moving farther, the internet signals will start losing strength and become weak. If the signals are weak, there will be constant reconnections and re-communications that can adversely impact the internet speed. So, it is advised to keep your distance as short as possible from the modem if you intend to have fast internet speed. Also, do check if you are connected to the right modem because if you are accidentally connected to the open network, signals will be weak for sure.

4) Encrypt

If you’ve made your modem with nary passwords and there is no encryption, it will be considered as the open network. In this case, everyone will be able to connect to your Arris modem. These excessive device connections can reduce the speed and eat up the bandwidth. Also, if people conduct any illegal activity whilst using your internet connection, you’ll be held responsible. So, just make sure that you have put up the password, and the number of connected devices is limited.

5) Operating Mode Issues

If you are using an outdated and old router, it can impact the internet speed. Now, this is where the problem will actually occur. There are wireless AC and wireless N options. If you want to increase the internet speed, you need to use wireless N because they transmit rate speeds are higher. Also, the modern devices are compatible with wireless N, so choose the wireless operating mode precisely.

6) Data Cap

Data caps are one of the major causes behind the slow internet on the Arris mode. The internet service providers will never tell you but they have data caps that can meddle with the internet speed. If there are data caps, you will be restricted to use the specific amount of internet (even if you’ve chosen the unlimited bundle). You can check for the data caps on the bills. So, just talk it out with your ISP and your modem will start offering fast internet with zero caps!

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  1. This should be entitled reasons your WiFi is slow it has nothing to do with the modem slowing down until it is unplugged and hard reset.

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