Verizon Home Device Protect Review – An Overview

verizon home device protect review
verizon home device protect review

Verizon has designed an extensive range of devices and plans for their users, and that too, at the most affordable rate. In the past few years, the use of smart home products has increased considerably, and unlike other mobile carriers, Verizon is offering security protection to its users if they have purchased the products. For this reason, they have launched Verizon Home Device Protect, which we are reviewing in this article!

Verizon Home Device Protect Review

To begin with, it is a popular and reliable warranty service for connected smart home devices. When it comes down to Home Device Protect, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the ultimate warranty you need for connected smart home products. This plan comes with 24*7 tech support and better protection with digital features that provide utmost security to the users. When you opt for this service, Verizon will send the technical team two times to your home for a visit over the period of 12 months.

It is available at around $25 for a month, but you might pay more than this as there are some applicable taxes. It can provide security coverage for an endless range of eligible products that are connected to your home, as well as the other products you will add in the future. It is suggested that you check the terms & conditions to determine the eligible products. Usually, the list doesn’t include the routers, audio streaming devices, and video streaming devices that are provided or supported by the company. As far as the smartwatches and tablets are concerned, they are eligible for Home Device Protect.

When it comes to the device’s electrical and mechanical failures, they are usually caused by time and if there are errors in workmanship and materials. In addition, it can cover the power surges. In simpler words, it can cover for the accidental as well as unintentional damages caused by handling the devices. In case of a covered breakdown, Verizon promises to provide repair and replacement services as long as you are using the eligible product.

On the other hand, if the company isn’t able to provide a replacement or repair service, they are highly likely to issue you the gift card, depending on the replacement value, condition, and age of the product. In case the company provides the repair services, they might use non-original parts. As far as the availability is concerned, you can get 24*7 customer support with tech assistance with privacy and security features. It is recommended that you download the Digital Secure app on your smartphone.

The billing and coverage are initiated when the enrollment begins but keep in mind that it comes with a thirty-day waiting period if you have to file the claim. Within a period of one year, you can issue unlimited complaints, but the maximum amount covered for one claim ranges from $2000 to $5000, which is pretty significant. However, while filing the claim, you will need to pay the service fee of $99, $49, or $0, depending on the severity of the damage or the product itself.

In case you want to cancel the subscription, you can cancel anytime you want, and you will be given a refund of the monthly charges. Also, the coverage will be provided for thirty days after filing the cancellation request. It allows the users to get coverage for home office and home entertainment products. In addition to providing repair and replacement coverage, the company offers cybersecurity services as well as tech support.

What Do You Get?

When you opt for Verizon Home Device Protect, you can get an extended warranty for the devices, which comes with the following features;

  • You can get the device replacement and repairs for your home office products, home entertainment products, smart home products, and wearables
  • You will get the in-home visits twice a year to help you with the device troubleshooting as well as configuration and optimization
  • You will get 24*7 tech expert recommendations in case you’ve any query
  • When it comes down to the digital security, you can connect to your public wireless internet connection, and it will help you protect the data and prevent connectivity with malicious websites
  • It provides theft alerts when your data tends to be in the wrong hands and if someone is trying to forge your identity

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