7 Ways To Fix Slow Cable Internet

cable internet slow
cable internet slow

Nothing is more troublesome than an iffy internet connection, and in this age of living our whole lives online, it might be one of the most terrible things that could happen. Since we are currently in quarantine with the entirety of our time spent online whether it’s a Zoom meeting, lectures, or even streaming to entertain yourself, it is evident that a slow internet connection is something that we can not have. In this article, we will discuss ways to solve a slow cable internet.

Slow Cable Internet, Troubleshoot and Solve

Here is a list of solutions that you can apply to fix this specific issue.

1. Relocate Your Router

While you are using an Ethernet cable to access the internet, the location of your router plays a vital role. Try moving it around and experiment. Check your connection at each location and permanently place your router in the area where you get the best performance.

2. Role of Background Applications

Your background applications can play a huge role in slowing down your cable internet connection. Due to rollouts of new features in operating systems that make your computer more efficient, many features were made to be active all the time so when you are using your computer, these features and applications are always working and using bandwidth. To check which background applications are needed at the time and which are useless, go to Settings and then Privacy. Choose ‘Background Applications’ and a list will be revealed containing said applications. You can eliminate certain background applications.

3. Update Your Router

Believe it or not, you need to update your router. Most companies that distribute routers, release software updates for routers once a year or so.  These updates are more specifically focused on firmware including key security and performance. These updates help keep your internet demands and internet connection in sync. If you are perfectly sure that your internet router is to blame, then you should invest in a ‘mesh’ network. A mesh network is when you place mini routers around your house for a better connection everywhere.

4. Overloaded Channel

Now, it is possible that due to others in the house using most of the internet bandwidth might the reason your cable internet connection is so slow. Try asking them to offload applications. This can also be due to other streaming in HD or playing video games online.

5. Check for Viruses and Worms

Beware of malicious internet worms and viruses. According to Wikipedia; An Internet worm is a type of malware that replicates by itself and distributes copies of the replications to its network. This might be a reason your internet connection is slow and iffy. You should regularly check for viruses and clean out your system with the help of anti-viruses. Additionally, a malware removal tool is efficient in this situation as well.

6. Optimize your Web

If you urgently need to access the internet, however, you are unable to due to the slow connection then you should opt for servers that consume fewer data. These browsers consist of Opera Mini and Chrome Lite Mode.

7. Contact your Internet Provider

In the end, your internet speed relies on the provider entirely. If all of these ways did not work for you then it is time for you to call your provider and interrogate them and ask for an efficient solution. Your internet speed provider (ISP) might have installed a new network configuration. This may be interfering with your internet connection and causing it to work inefficiently. Similarly, filters can also be causing your cable internet to be slow. Contact your provider immediately.


Try not to worry about it too much, one way or another, your cable internet connection is bound to work better. Whether that happens due to a solution that we have provided or your internet service provider (ISP) fixing your internet entirely, the result will be fortunate enough for you to surf the internet freely and live your – now – internet life to the fullest.

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