What Does CenturyLink Do To Keep Their Customers?

Centurylink Customer Retention
centurylink customer retention

CenturyLink is one of the most famous telecommunications companies in the U.S. nowadays. They offer customers broadband internet, TV, and telephony services and solutions throughout the whole national territory. 

With such excellent quality standards, CenturyLink’s customers are constantly commenting on their high levels of satisfaction. Whether for home or business set-ups, CenturyLink will surely have a bundle that perfectly suits your connection or communication demands.

Most of us have changed providers at least once in our lives. Whether it was for your internet, mobile, or TV, there is a decent chance you have needed to jump ship to get a better quality service. Either that or you simply became able to afford the package that everyone says is the best. 

Centurylink Company

From the side of the providers, they don’t have much choice but to let you go. That is, unless you are still within contract time. In this case, you would have a termination fee to pay. Still, they can do nothing if you put your foot down about leaving.

Due to that, some companies developed extremely attractive conditions for users who are considering leaving. From discounts, lower fees, and package increases, among other strategies. The long and short of it is that providers really don’t want to lose customers. 

This is what they call customer retention, and it has been serving providers’ intentions pretty well. From the side of the customer, getting a sweeter deal while keeping the same fees can also be just what they wanted. 

In the end, with the provider giving in a little bit, customers tend to want to stay with the same service, as it can be a lot of hassle to change your provider entirely. 

We are pretty sure you’ve heard about customer retention before, even if you don’t haven’t heard the exact term, but have you ever taken the time to check what strategies providers use to maintain their customers?

What Does CenturyLink Do To Keep Their Customers?

1. Sweet Deals For Renewal


Service providers such as CenturyLink work through ‘one-sided’ contracts, which means customers don’t get to bargain for better terms when subscribing. 

However, as the provider is, even from that moment, looking forward to the renewal, they tend to leave a little leeway for that later-on stage. 

That is to say, you won’t get to haggle over the price of the services at the moment of the subscription, but you can always attempt to do so upon renewing with them.

This is because at the moment you are subscribing, providers have the higher ground and all you can do is accept their terms or look for another provider.

New Contract

However, that logic changes when the renewal period arrives, and, since the provider is now interested in keeping your business, you get to demand better terms

Surely, most people don’t even think about it and just keep the same package for the previously established price, but if you think you can get a sweeter deal, then is the time!

CenturyLink, with its customer retention strategies, has already taken a step ahead and will be ready to offer renewing customers better deals. Whether a lower fee for the same service or even an upgrade of your current package, it’s all about keeping you as a customer. 

So, if your contract renewal is due to arrive, suit up as you get to play the lawyer for one day. Make sure to ask CenturyLink sales personnel for a better deal and get that extra service or even the lower fee for the next contract term.

2. They Don’t Want To Let You Cancel The Contract

Low Fees

Customers that may be having a tough time making ends meet with their CenturyLink bills also have the chance to get a better deal. CenturyLink seems to have understood that customers may undergo periods where money can become more of a problem. 

Such worries led them to develop alternatives to keep customers from bankrupt and still receiving the subscribed services.

Also, since many customers cannot afford to wait for the renewal period to try and ask for any of the sweeter deals CenturyLink normally offers, they are ready to offer solutions at any point in the contract term

Surely, the longer you’ve been with them, the more reasons they have to keep you, which means they should have better offers for more loyal customers

Making A Phone Call

So, in case you find yourself facing financial difficulties and your CenturyLink bill becomes too much, make sure to give them a call and inform them. They will sometimes be glad to help you out by reducing your package or even the fees while you get back on your feet

Additionally, if your contract is close to renewal time, you can even get one of the sweeter deals mentioned in the first topic.

Unfortunately, this move is not as natural as the renewal offers, and you will have to tell CenturyLink you want to cancel your subscription due to your money situation.

This may seem a little embarrassing for some, but it should be the best way for you to get a good deal and keep their excellent services. This is because they don’t want to let you go, so when you say you have to cancel because you simply cannot afford the fees, they will attempt to make you an offer

Bear in mind that if you are too early within the contract term, they might not have the will to offer you the best possible deals. Even so, it’s always better to try and get a better deal than simply canceling your contract and having to go through all the hassle of changing all the gear. 

Also, changing phone numbers can become a problem, especially for businesses or professional lines. So, put on your humility shoes and contact CenturyLink customer support to tell them you need to cancel and let the offers come!

3. You Can Get A Suspension

Hard Time Paying Them

Even though this strategy sounds more like punishment than help, it is a fairly effective way for customers to remain with CenturyLink when they have problems affording the fees. 

As it goes, some customers end up having a bad time covering their bills even after fee-lowering offers have been applied. We never know when hard times are coming or even how hard it can get for some people. 

CenturyLink cares enough for those and is ready to offer you one final solution to keep you with them.

As mentioned before, changing providers might become quite a hassle as you have to give back equipment, inform everyone that your number has changed, and worse, lose a lot of entertainment on tap. Providers, on their side, also don’t want to lose customers, as we have already established. 

Therefore, in a moment in which neither the customer nor the provider is happy with the terms, it can be possible to meet halfway. Here, a temporary suspension of the service might come in handy.

Stop Receiving The Services

That is CenturyLink’s final offer, as they simply cannot pay your subscription for you or completely waive the fees simply because you are having a hard time paying them. 

With a temporary suspension of the contract, you stop receiving the services but you also don’t have to pay until it is activated once again

This temporary hold might be just what you need to stay afloat and, once your financial situation goes back to normal standards, you can resume receiving their services.

As you can see, CenturyLink has a few strategies to exercise its customer retention intentions. 

So, in case you are having any sort of difficulty, make sure to let them know. That way, they can make you offers that might prevent you from losing their excellent service and having to go through all the hassle of changing providers.

The Last Word


Lastly, if you’ve heard about other customer retention strategies practiced by CenturyLink, don’t keep them to yourself. Write to us through the message box below and tell us all about it

You will be helping others that may be facing hard times financially but don’t want to let go of CenturyLink’s services. Also, every piece of feedback helps us build a stronger and more united community. So, don’t be shy and share that extra knowledge with us and everyone reading this!

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