What Is WiFi Direct And How To Enable WiFi Direct On iPad?

WiFi Direct iPad
WiFi Direct iPad

Apple, with all its technological ideas, couldn’t hold back from offering the top internet connection features. With that said, iPads are now compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.

Through the AirDrop feature, iPad users can enjoy this enhanced form of wireless networking. Even though Android users have Wi-Fi Direct as a native feature on their devices, Apple devices require the AirDrop function to perform the connection.

it’s the shared connection function

The Wi-Fi Direct is a kind of upgrade from the former wireless network mode. Amongst the new features, apart from the enhanced performance, especially when it comes to speed, it’s the shared connection function.

Different from its predecessor, Wi-Fi Direct allows the two sides of the connection to perform the function of the Access Point.

That is to say, should one of the sides of a connection have a better performance, it can become the Access Point to the other, which should also help increase the overall speed of the connection.

When it comes to Apple devices, as pretty much with any kind of connectivity device, the compatibility aspect is mainly restricted to the manufacturer’s products.

That means users are only able to perform Wi-Fi Direct connection between Apple devices. While that rules out several other possible devices, by keeping the feature exclusive between iOS devices, Apple is ensuring the same higher standard of security throughout the whole connection.

Is There A Best App To Run Wi-Fi Direct On Android Or Apple Devices?

SHAREiT and it is one of the only reliable apps

A variety of apps have been designed to help users run Wi-Fi Direct on their Android or iOS devices. One such app is SHAREiT and it is one of the only reliable apps that has compatibility with both operational systems.

SHAREiT works by creating a peer-to-peer pathway between the devices when no desktop PC is available. Surely, most of the time, involving a PC might enhance the overall speed and performance of the internet connections.

That is because normally, PCs have better network cards and allow faster and more stable connections. Apart from that, there is always the chance of easily performing an Ethernet connection on a PC in a much easier way than with other Android or iOS devices.

Users have also mentioned being able to perform stable and fast Wi-Fi Direct connections between Android and iOS devices through Zapya, the main competition of SHAREiT.

Setting Up The Wi-Fi Direct Feature On iPads

Setting Up The Wi-Fi Direct Feature On iPads

Now that you are aware of the Wi-Fi Direct features and how much it can enhance the network experience between users, let us show you how to set it up on your iPad. Simply follow the steps below and get the feature running on your iOS device:

  • Firstly, reach the general settings and go to the ‘network’ tab
  • When prompted, click on “General” to access the main network features of your iPad
  • Then, reach the “Personal Hotspot” settings and locate the ‘network setting menu’, which can also be called ‘Personal Hotspot Menu’, depending on the firmware version your iPad is running
  • There you will find the activation button, which should be set off from the factory settings. Switch it on
  • Enter the wireless network access credentials to establish the Access Point and then share them with the device you wish to perform the connection with. The connection should be performed through the ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot’ feature

It is important to set a strong password as that is the feature that will keep other devices from connecting to your iPad and using your connection features. At any time, should you find out your password is not reliable enough, make sure to change it through the network settings.

Bear in mind, though, that by changing your wi-fi password, all connected devices will be automatically disconnected from your Access Point. So, make sure to have the credentials around in order to save you some time upon the next connection attempt.

How To Enable WiFi Direct On iPad?

Can A Wi-Fi Direct Connection Be Established Between A TV And An iPhone Or iPad With Mobile Features?

Can A Wi-Fi Direct Connection Be Established Between A TV And An iPhone Or iPad With Mobile Features

The answer is yes, you can. However, some aspects must be observed in order to establish a proper connection between the devices. For instance, the TV firmware version must be updated to the newest one, as a few of the features will not work with older versions.

Also, it is of utmost importance that the internet connection you want to establish between the TV and the iOS device is a fast and stable one.

TV programs require a great deal of data traffic when it comes to internet connections, so a slow or unstable connection might cause the features not to work properly.

Should you opt for establishing the connection after checking all requirements are covered, simply follow the steps below:

  • First, activate the Wi-Fi Direct feature on the TV
  • Choose the correct input, which should be the screen in which the system will prompt you to enter the wireless network access credentials
  • Now, grab your iOS device and switch on the wi-fi feature
  • Once that is covered, the TV system should recognise the iOS device you are attempting to connect with the TV
  • Enter the TV credentials onto the wi-fi network you find on your device and allow it to properly perform the connection

The devices should perform the connection on their own and once you notice the checkmark, you can rest assured it has been properly established.

However, should it not happen, make sure you are entering the correct WPA, which is the password required for the establishment of the internet connection.

Most of the time, that is the main cause for the connection to break down even before it is established. Also, the password will work for the next attempts you make, so be sure to input it correctly.

Once the connection is properly established, you will be able to share files, data, and whatever other kinds of files your TV has compatibility with.

The exchange of files should be done through the iMediaShare platform, which enhances the compatibility between the devices and makes it that easier for devices to share files or data.

In the event, however, that the connection is poorly established, or cannot be performed whatsoever, you should check Apple’s official webpage for further information.

It might be so that either your TV or iOS device’s firmware is not properly updated or that the app you are attempting to use to share files or data is not compatible. There you can get not only the list of compatible apps but also the links to safely download them.

Why Should I Use Wi-Fi Direct?

Why Should I Use Wi-Fi Direct

Apart from the renowned increased speed and enhanced stability of the Wi-Fi Direct, when compared to its predecessor, there is a series of other features that were rebuilt to deliver better aspects for the internet connection.

Check the list below for the features Wi-Fi Direct enhanced to find the ones that suit you the best.

  1. Faster File Sharing

Faster File Sharing

If you are looking for sharing files, Wi-Fi Direct has a much faster feature than the older version. And, for that matter, even faster than most Bluetooth connections as well. So, should that be your intent, through Wi-Fi Direct you might get higher transfer rates.

  1. Wireless Printers Compatibility

Wireless Printers Compatibility

Being an enhanced wireless connection type, the amount of data that can be transferred at the same time with Wi-Fi Direct connections is higher. That might render printing jobs faster and more effective.

  1. Casting And Sharing Of Screens

Casting And Sharing Of Screens

Sharing and casting screens onto TVs have never been so efficient. The faster the connection, the quicker and more effective should the feature work.

  1. Syncing Devices In A Faster Way

Syncing Devices In A Faster Way

Whether for sharing files, screens, apps, or any other kind of data, Wi-Fi Direct has an enhanced performance than the older version. Also, due to the higher stability, larger files might be shared without any sort of complications.

In The End

Surely, iPads do not deliver the best Wi-Fi Direct option natively, especially if compared to Android-based devices. However, should you find a good platform to enable this faster and more stable wireless network, the results may be noticeably better.

Should you be on the lookout for apps that allow the Wi-Fi Direct connection to be established on iPads, give Multipeer Connectivity Framework a go. According to experts, this is one of the most compatible apps for both Wi-Fi Direct and BLE.

Users are currently expecting Apple to design a native feature for the Wi-Fi Direct, as this is the newest and most improved way of performing wireless network connections.

However, there is still no programmed due date for that to happen. Meanwhile, keep an eye on their releases, as a company such as Apple should not fall behind on any of the new technologies.

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