How to Speed Up a Broadband Internet Connection

There are many different factors that can affect the speed of your broadband Internet connection.  If your broadband connection speed is running at a slow speed there are a few steps you can take to try and correct the problem before you contact your broadband Internet provider.

Tips on Speeding Up a Broadband Internet Connection

Before you contact your broadband service provider, you can save money by finding out if the slow broadband Internet connection is due to a problem on your end of the connection.

  • Turn Off the Router: If your broadband Internet connection seems to have slowed down only recently, try turning off the router and your computer and then turn both components back on again.  This will help the connection to reset itself so that both the router and your PC are back to the original starting mode when establishing a connection.
  • Try a Shorter Cable: If you are using a longer cable to connect the router to your telephone outlet, try substituting it with a shorter cable.  Sometimes when the cable is too long, it will slow down the broadband connection because the connection has to travel further to reach the end point.
  • Reposition the Wires: Reposition any wires that are located close to the router or are surrounding the router.  Sometimes the electronic currents from unrelated wires can interfere with the performance of your router causing the connection to slow down considerably.
  • Secure the Connection: Make sure you password protect your broadband Internet connection, otherwise other users can freely access it if they are within 100 feet of your access point.  If others are accessing your connection this creates more traffic which slows down the connection speed.
  • Minimize Software: Reduce the amount of software you are using that accesses the Internet by closing programs you are not using and running programs one at a time instead of simultaneously.
  • Use a Wired Connection: Instead of using a wireless connection, use a wired connection between your PC and router.  It may be possible that your wireless connection is experiencing interferences through walls and other objects that can cause the broadband connection to run at a slower speed.
  • Use a Microfilter: Use a microfilter to connect the phones and fax lines.  This will prevent these devices from interfering with your broadband connection.  If you are unsure which one is causing the problem, disconnect all of them and then add them back into the connection one at a time.

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