What Happens When You Block A Number On T-Mobile?

what happens when you block a number on t mobile
what happens when you block a number on t mobile

T-Mobile has gained popularity over the course for its reasonably-priced plans and high-end signals. However, with the incremental use of such services, cyber issues are occurring with which people need to block some numbers. So, if you are wondering what happens when you blog a number on T-Mobile, we are here to share the details with you!

What Happens When You Block A Number On T-Mobile?

When it comes down to T-Mobile, the caller is routed directly to the voicemail. With this being said, the users will get the notification when they receive the voicemail from the blocked number. In addition to the voicemail notifications, you might receive the silent message as well. This silent message will be broadcasted for around three to five seconds.

If you are concerned if you will be able to call the blocked numbers or not, the answer is yes. This is because you can call the blocked number and text at your own convenience. As far as the reply to the text message is concerned, the blocked person won’t be able to respond to the message. As for the calls, when the blocked number calls you, the ring happens once, and they are directed to the voicemail.

On the other hand, the text messages are directed to the blocked senders. To be honest, it’s not a severe blocking scenario and can be considered the re-routing with T-Mobile. The best part of T-Mobile blocking service is that the blocked person will not receive the notification that you blocked them (who wants that notification, anyways?).

With T-Mobile, the blocking is in one direction, which means you can initiate the communication from your end, but the blocked number won’t be able to contact you. As for the unblocking, you can always unblock if you want to resume the communication.

Blocking The Numbers With T-Mobile

If you want to block the spammy and scammed numbers, T-Mobile has designed the blocking services. For this purpose, the users can download the Scam Shield app and switch on the scam block to make sure you don’t get the scammed calls again. You can also switch on this feature by dialing #662# from your mobile phone; this code is for postpaid users.

You can also sign in to the T-Mobile account and switch on the scam block feature. As far as the prepaid users are concerned, the users can dial #436# for switching on the scam block feature. In addition to this, the users can access the family allowances because this service by T-Mobile allows the users to block text messages and calls from specific contact numbers. The best part is that family allowances can be accessed and managed through the My T-Mobile app.

The bottom line is that the blocked numbers don’t get to know if you’ve blocked them because even if you’ve blocked them, they will get one ring and will be routed to the voicemail. However, your phone will not ring. Lastly, T-Mobile ensures that you get a safe communication experience!

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  1. I agree with your comment. If you have have blocked someone it is certainly for a reason. You don’t want to have to go through your voice-mail and be triggered.

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