DSL Disconnects When Phone Rings (2 Ways To Fix)

dsl disconnects when phone rings
dsl disconnects when phone rings

DSL cables were a real outbreak in the world of telecommunication as they brought the internet to your home and office and it was considered a wondrous technology back then. Not to mention, there is always room for improvement no matter how good or utilizable a technology is and you need to acknowledge the flaws to come up with a better solution.

DSL connection and its limitations

DSL connections might not be the best thing to have but they have their own pros like cost-cutting and at some places that are the best chance you can get to connect with the internet. Essentially, a DSL line could only be used for connecting either your phone or PC at a time and there were no ways around it. You had to compromise on either connecting your phone or PC with the DSL cable unless you had two separate cables for your phone and internet modem.

This was not an easy job to do and caused too much hassle at your end. However, the problem is fixed and you can get some better and workable solutions around the problem to have both your phone and internet working at a single time. The most common solutions around the problem are:

DSL Disconnects When Phone Rings (How To Fix)

1) Get separate cables for phone and internet

While it may not sound like a cost-friendly solution at all, it has its own pros and cons and if it matters that much for you to have internet and phone active at the same time, you should definitely consider getting separate DSL connections for your phone and PC.

The chances are that you will be able to fix the problem with not having to plug a wire in your phone for it to work and then have to take it off, and plug it in the PC for you to be able to use the internet. However, it might still cause you some disturbance issues like your internet would stop working if you are using it for a phone call. This happens usually when you have a single connection from the main DSL terminal and that can cause you to have only one line of traffic being routed to your home/office.

It necessarily means that you can use that line for either voice calling or internet data since you have one connection with the main exchange. You will need to contact your ISP and ask for separate DSL lines for both of your connections for them to be able to work simultaneously. This will cost you a bit more, as you will be having two different connections totally but will get the job done for you.

2) Get a splitter/filter

There are ADSL cables being used in the industry these days that are similar to DSL cables that are commonly used but hold an edge over them as you can use them for multipurpose connectivity at a single time. This means that you can use both your phone and PC at the same time without having to compromise on either of them. Not to mention, a splitter only works for one PC and one telephone at a time and you cannot use it to have connectivity on two different PCs at once. ‘

The splitter is used at one end of the DSL cable and has two different ports that you can use to connect both your phone and PC to the DSL line at the same time. Under optimal conditions, both of these should work simultaneously and you should not get any errors like not having your phone functional when you are using the internet or your internet not working while your phone is ringing but sometimes you might face such issues with a splitter.

There is nothing to be worried about as these issues can be fixed with simple troubleshooting and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to fix such issues. This issue can occur if the connection with your splitter is not right and there are some imperfections in it such as overlapping cables and stuff. You need to ensure that all the connectors being connected to a splitter are fixed up properly and are not loose. You also need to inspect the cables to make sure that they are not bent or damaged.

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