T-Mobile Duplicate Sim Card? (T-Mobile DIGITS Can Help)

t mobile duplicate sim card
t mobile duplicate sim card

T-Mobile has emerged as the telecommunications network of choice for millions of customers across the US. The company boosts an excellent state-of-the-art 5G network and also has huge network coverage for the previous generation 4G network. T-Mobile has launched various features and attractive bundles for the customers’ convenience.

One of the most attractive and much-needed features that many customers are using is the ability to use a duplicate SIM card. This allows the users to be able to use the same number on multiple devices. This feature is available under the T-Mobile DIGITS service.

  • Use different numbers on the same device
  • Use the same number on different devices

What Is T-Mobile Duplicate Sim Card?


T-Mobile’s Digits is a great service that not only allows the users to be able to use the same number on different devices, it also allows the users to be able to use different numbers on the same device. For example, let’s say that you have a work phone and a personal phone. Typically you would need to carry both the phones to be able to communicate with your work contacts and your personal contacts. DIGITS service allows users to be able to see the text, voicemails, and history of all their numbers on the same device.

Using digits you can easily switch between your personal and work numbers. You can also control when and how people will be able to reach you. The best part is that you can even get a temporary T-Mobile number with digits that you may need to give to a person with whom you would not like to share your permanent number.

If you are using T-Mobile DIGITS and you have the same number on various devices, you will receive the call on all devices so that you can choose to pick it from the device of your choice. DIGITS can be described as the duplicate SIM card feature for T-Mobile customers.

How to Get DIGITS on Your T-Mobile Number

You can easily get DIGITS service on your T-Mobile number. For this, you will first need to download the DIGITS app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, next you need to login to the DIGITS app using the T-Mobile credentials. Just in case you do not have T-Mobile ID, you can create one using the app.

It is important to remember that if you are creating a new T-Mobile ID from the DIGITS app, you have to use a voice line to create the ID. Once you have signed in with a new or an existing ID, then you can continue setting up the DIGITS service and you can decide the lines that you would be using with the DIGITS app.

In case you don’t see a line that you would like to access the DIGITS app, you should continue with the setup procedure. Make sure that you have allowed the DIGITS line, the necessary permissions. You can do that by going to settings and then advanced options and then line permissions. There you will be able to see the lines that you have permission to use.

Setting up DIGITS is an easy process and you can do it on your own. Once you have setup the service, you can use it to act like a duplicate SIM Card for your number.

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