Verizon Network Extender SYS Light Blinking Red: 3 Fixes

verizon network extender sys light blinking red
verizon network extender sys light blinking red

Having active and well-functioning internet connections at home is no longer an option, but a must-have. Since we are connected to the internet from the moment we wake up until the time we go to sleep again and throughout the whole day, staying online has become mandatory.

At work, employees communicate with each other through messaging apps and when they need to contact customers, they do it through emails. During lunch, they watch series episodes and during their commute, they check the news.

That sets people in an online environment practically the whole day, which calls for a reliable internet connection both at the office and when they get back home. Thinking of that and considering not all homes are fully covered by the signal distribution capacity of routers and other network equipment, Verizon designed extenders.

The principle is quite basic but the application is surprisingly ingenious. Some Verizon customers complained about not getting service in some parts of the house. However, router manufacturers were facing a barrier with the enhancement of the coverage range, so there was not much that could be done.

Once Verizon found out they didn’t need to extend the coverage area of their routers but simply find a way to have an intermediary device that was able to redistribute the signal, things got a lot easier for them. However, after a while, some Verizon users started to complain about malfunctions that their extenders were experiencing.

According to them, the device would simply stop transmitting the signal as a red light started blinking on the device’s LED indicator. If you are also experiencing this same problem with your Verizon extender, check the list of easy solutions we brought you today and get rid of the issue once and for all.

Why Does The Verizon Network Extender SYS Light Blinking Red?

Router verizon

Verizon representatives stated that the problem that causes the extender SYS not to work as the LED blinks in red has a number of reasons. Apparently, being such a practical device means that issues are not so easy to be recognized or dealt with.

Considering that statement, all users can do is go through the solutions for the most common causes and hope to get their extenders fixed. So, without further ado, here they are:

1. Inspect The Cables And Connectors

Cables And Connectors

Cables and connectors are as important for a healthy internet connection as the signal itself. Since so many users are not aware of this fact, when they face connection problems, they instantly believe that the cause of the issue lies with the software.

That leads them to waste so much time when all they had to do was find out that the cable wasn’t properly attached to the port. That is why it is so important that cables and connectors are always kept in peak condition.

So, make sure to check the connections to ensure the signal is being properly transmitted from the wireless router to the Verizon extenders. As you do it, take the opportunity to inspect the condition of the cables and connectors as well.

condition of the cables and connectors

Many users are careless enough to run cables through walls without any protective coating, bend them around corners, and stretch them until they fray. What usually happens is that the component starts to lose performance and the user ends up blaming the provider.

So, make sure that cables and connectors are in proper condition and, in case you notice any sort of damage, get them replaced. Repaired cables rarely deliver the same level of performance as new ones.

2. Give The Router A Restart

If all cables and connectors aren’t displaying any signs of damage and they are properly connected to the correct ports, the next move should be to restart the router. There is a decent chance you’ve heard some so-called experts saying that restarting routers is not an efficient way to check and solve problems.

These guys couldn’t be more wrong! Restarting electronic devices, especially the ones that have internet connections, is one of the best things you can do for their health.

Not only does the restarting procedure target and address minor compatibility and configuration errors, but it also clears the cache from unnecessary temporary files that can overfill the memory. These temporary files tend to pile up in the device’s memory and cause the system to run slower.

unplug it from the power outlet

The same effect can be found when we turn our eyes to these configuration and compatibility errors. So, in order to keep your router in good shape and your internet connection free from errors, give it a restart every now and then.

Also, while on it, take the time to restart the extender as well and allow it to re-establish the connection with the router from scratch. Forget about reset buttons hidden on the back of the router. Simply grab the power cord and unplug it from the power outlet.

Then, give it at least two minutes before you plug it back into the power outlet. That should do it and the diagnostics and protocols attached to the restart should be carried out.

3. Give Customer Service A Call

Give Customer Service A Call

In case none of the two easy solutions above work and your Verizon extender is still displaying the red light and not distributing the internet signals, your last resort should be to call customer support.

With professionals that are highly trained in solving all sorts of problems, the odds they have a few extra easy tricks for you to try are extremely high. Also, in case they suggest any moves that are above your level of expertise, they will be glad to stop by for a visit and handle the problem on your behalf.

Lastly, in case the problem that is rendering your Verizon extender unable to distribute the internet signals can’t be fixed, the technicians can hand you a new one on the spot and also help you install it.

Additionally, in case of any problems with your network set-up, they can give you a few tips that may help you get the best out of your internet connection. So, grab your phone and give them a call to ask for some tech wizardry.

In A Nutshell

Verizon Network Extender SYS

Verizon extenders are extremely practical for users who want to have the internet signals distributed throughout the whole house and prevent dead zones. Verizon extenders are of the highest quality, but still not a hundred percent safe from problems.

There is a problem that is stopping the device from transmitting the signal as a red light blinks on its LED indicator. Though hard to pinpoint, this problem has fairly easy solutions. Simply follow the steps in this article and get your Verizon extender back to life in no time.

Finally, in case the easy solutions herein don’t work for you, make sure to give Verizon’s customer support department a call and get some professionals to help you with the problem.

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  1. My network extender sys light is blinking red slowly. I’ve had it for 10 to 15 years. I checked the wiring never had a problem before. Dial #48 said I was not under a 4 g network coverage.

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