WiFi Extender Shows Signal But No Internet: 3 Fixes

wifi extender shows signal but no internet
wifi extender shows signal but no internet

Having a stable internet connection at your house feels amazing. You can watch movies, TV shows and even work on the service. There are numerous features that the users are provided with. Though, you should note that sometimes people might feel like the range for their connection is too low. This is where routers and extenders come in.

These devices can be installed directly to your modem which will then extend the overall range for it. While this might be great, there are still some issues that can be found with the service. People have recently been complaining that their Wi-Fi extender shows a signal but there is no internet. You might also run into this problem; this is why we will be using this article to help you in fixing it.

WiFi Extender Shows Signal But No Internet

  1. Reboot Network

People who have a lot of modems, routers, and extenders installed in their homes should note all of these store data. Additionally, these devices send data between each other which is done in a specific order. Considering this, if even one of the devices fails to do so, then the entire connection can get jumbled up. This will cause the network to stop functioning and start giving you trouble.

The only way to fix this is by power cycling through the entire network. Start by disconnecting all of your devices and then unplugging them from the power outlet. You should now wait for a few minutes. This gives the equipment enough time to clear up their memory and remove any issues from them.

You can then proceed to plug your modem into the outlet. Make sure that it starts up correctly after which you can start powering up all of your other devices as well. It is recommended that you connect them one by one to ensure there are no further issues.

  1. Use MAC Address from Extender

Sometimes users can have trouble trying to connect their extender to the internet. You will notice that the signal strength is looking strong but there is no internet service. If this happens then you can open up the configurations tab of your extender. This should provide you with a MAC address which you can then enter on your router. This will allow you to establish a safe connection between the two devices. Once this is done, you should notice that your internet is now working fine without any problems.

  1. Check Internet Connection

In some cases, the error can be from your internet connection instead of the device. This is quite common which is exactly why the user should check their network. Run a speed test on your internet or try running an application. Make sure that you are connected directly to the modem during this and not the extender. If you notice that the service is not working and is giving you the same error. Then you should contact your ISP. The problem is most likely with your connection and the company should be able to provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

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