How To Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router

connect verizon mifi to wireless router
connect verizon mifi to wireless router

With each passing day, the need for internet connectivity is increasing as people need unhindered connection. Such activities and preferences have increased the demand for internet connections. In the same vein, multiple communication companies are offering advanced internet technologies for better internet signals and powerful signals.

Following the lead, Verizon has sharpened its coin in offering excellent services. In addition, the internet connection quality has improved as well at their end. The topping point is that Verizon has integrated top-notch technologies, such as Jetpack and MiFi, for catering to the internet needs of their consumer and for capturing the potential consumer base.

MiFi – What Is It?

If you don’t know, MiFi is the portable hotspot device and has been integrated with the modem. This device is designed to work as the Wi-Fi router through which users can access internet connection and signals on compatible devices. When it comes to using these hotspot devices, they tend to be highly convenient as you get internet signals anywhere and anytime.

The best thing about MiFi is that you will receive internet signals in low coverage areas as well. In addition, these devices will help save phone battery, since you won’t be using 4G services on the phone. In contrast, you might go out of data because you won’t receive the consumption warnings. Also, if the number of connected devices is higher, the signal strength will be weak.

In this article, we are sharing information about Verizon MiFi. This device is designed to offer wireless internet connection to the Verizon users on their laptops and mobile phones. In other words, any device with Wi-Fi capability can use the Verizon MiFi. If you need a robust internet connection with MiFi, you need to activate it on the device as well as the network. So, have a look for the activation and connection!

How To Connect Verizon MiFi To Wireless Router

Activating the Service

If you intend to use the MiFi services and the personal hotspot device, you need to talk to the wireless representative of Verizon for activating the service. In addition, you can log in to My Verizon account online and get the service activated. You can use 877-807-4646 contact number if you are a new customer and share the information.

You will need to share the mobile’s phone number and other personal details to the representative. However, if you’ve already signed up for the My Verizon Account, you can log in and activate the MiFi services directly on your own.

Establishing Device Connection To Computer

Before you invest in a MiFi hotspot device, you need to acknowledge the fact that they don’t have a battery installed. After activating the service, you need to insert the battery and put it on the charge. However, do not switch on the device. It is advised to use the box’s USB cable to charge or to connect the device with the computer. Once you plug in the USB cable, the hotspot device will switch on automatically and start giving out internet signals.

Activating The Device

Once the MiFi is switched on, you will need to click on the Wi-Fi indicator on the computer toolbar. The SSID or the MiFi will appear in the available network list and add the security key. Once you add the password, open the internet browser and type in the IP address available at the back of the hotspot device. Once the page opens up, just click on the activate button, and you will be able to activate the device.


If, by chance, your computer or device isn’t connected to MiFi, click on the Wi-Fi status of your computer and make sure it’s not disabled. In other words, you need to enable the Wi-Fi option if you intend to create a connection between MiFi and other devices. Besides, make sure that the hotspot device is fully charged because the insufficient battery will adversely impact the device and network connection will be interrupted.

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