Verizon Router Internet Light Blinking Green: 5 Fixes

verizon router internet light blinking green
verizon router internet light blinking green

For everyone concerned about the internet connection, Verizon is one of the fine choices. This is because they have been offering mobile packages for a long time, and now, they have designed routers as well. But again, some users have Verizon router internet light blinking green issue. Well, you have nothing to worry about because we have added everything you need to fix this issue!

Verizon Router Internet Light Blinking Green – What Does It Mean?

If the internet light is blinking green on the Verizon router, it means that the internet network is congested and there is traffic. So, for this issue, we have added some easy troubleshooting methods!

1) Firewall

In case you have made the Verizon router’s firewall too high, it will adversely impact the network connection and will eventually lead to the internet light blinking green. With this being said, you can sign in to the router and loosen up the firewall settings. Once you change the firewall settings, you will be able to get rid of the light, and internet speed will be enhanced.

2) Reset The Settings

For everyone who is still bothered by the green blinking light, we suggest that you reset the network settings of the router. With this being said, you can reset the network settings by logging in to the Verizon router. Once you log into the account, you can select the default settings option from the menu. This will put the router back to the default configuration and settings and you will be able to use the internet again.

3) Cables

Well, there are chances that your network cabling is not working perfectly and the signals are not optimal enough. With this being said, you need to inspect all the cables and connections and make sure there is no fraying and damage. Also, do check the electrical signal continuity through the multimeter. Lastly, we suggest changing the cables and connections to make sure signal transmission is streamlined.

4) Backend Data Issues

We have already mentioned that the green light on the Verizon router blinks if there are backend internet issues with Verizon. Consequently, you need to call Verizon at the customer care support and ask them if there is a service outage. In case there are service outage issues, they will give a timeline and will probably be working on restoring the services. So, once they sort out the issue at the backend, you won’t have to deal with green blinking light anymore.

5) SIM Cards

If you are using the Verizon routers, you would know that they work by adding the SIM card. So, if the router is unable to connect to the internet and there is a green blinking light issue, there are chances that the SIM card has been deactivated or you didn’t activate it properly. For this purpose, you need to check the activation of the SIM card.

On the other hand, if the SIM card has been deactivated, you will need to call Verizon and have them restore the SIM card. In addition, you might need to replace the SIM card altogether!

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