5 Ways To Fix Verizon Router Keeps Rebooting

verizon router keeps rebooting
verizon router keeps rebooting

Recently, there has been a router rebooting crisis in all the Verizon rooters. The majority of Verizon customers have been complaining in various different forums and several online platforms about a situation they’re facing with their routers. All the complaints technically lead to a single motive that Verizon router keeps rebooting occasionally. The routers seem to have developed a mind of their own so they keep on rebooting themselves periodically for absolutely no reason.

Due to the fact that the issue was not a random one but a rather large crisis has brought a milestone in the market. It was guessed that there were some bugs that plague the current firmware causing it to periodically reboot itself over and over again. While the Verizon tries to rectify the situations, we have come up with some easy tricks for you to improve your router’s performance.

Troubleshooting Verizon Router Keeps Rebooting

If your Verizon router keeps rebooting, you should consider taking the following steps first before running towards your phone to make a call to the Verizon technician. Here’s what you can do to try solving your router issues by yourself at home.

1. Prevent Router From Overheating

Your home internet Verizon router can easily get overheated due to continuous usage. It transmits internet signals all around the place 24/7 for you to enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection. These signals are basically rays that can heat up the device itself. Therefore, make sure to keep your device safe from overheating.

2. Router Positioning Issues

Verizon routers misbehave whenever they’re placed in a wrong place from where it cannot function properly. It is best if you place the router in an open area attached to the wall instead of placing it on top of something that generates heat, like your oven or your Desktop PC, etc.

Also, make sure that your Verizon router is placed in a vertical position rather than a horizontal one. This is because this way it’s antenna get to receive better-uninterrupted signals. Try placing your router on the edge instead of flat on top of any other device or surface.

3. Keep Your Router Clean

Usually, when the router is placed vertically in an upward direction attached to a wall in an open area, dust particles tend to accumulate on its surface clogging its ports and jamming the machinery. Make sure to always keep your Verizon router clean so it doesn’t get clogged with dust in its venting parts and ports. If it is, try cleaning out the dust.

4. Check Router’s Power Connectors

The terminal points of connections where you plug in the wired cords are called the power connectors of the router. Usually, they are a little heated if you check them due to the continuous power supply passage they provide to your router. But make sure that the power pack on the end of the cord as well as the router should not be too hot to touch. If the connections are getting extra hot, it probably means that you need to replace them.

You can also try placing a fan near the connectors to keep their temperature moderate. This will help you verify if the connections are compromised or are it just the environmental temperature which is causing them to heat up.

5. Call The Verizon Technician

If nothing helps you to solve your Verizon routers keep rebooting issue, you can always find help via calling their help center. You can also call Verizon tech support to get your router fixed by them. They will willingly send their technician to solve your rebooting issue or in some cases, they might even send you a replacement for your damaged malfunctioning Verizon router.


It was found that the new 10.7 BHR firmware update had the bugs which were apparently causing the issues of Verizon router keeps rebooting. When multiple people reported the same issue Verizon started sending a copy of the old software to all the users who were calling to report problems.

Soon, an official copy of the firmware was released on the Verizon website to help their customers get back their properly working routers. You can either search their official website to find that updated file or you can contact them reporting the problem.

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  1. In my case, the a remote test indicated errors in the Network Interface Device that connects the outside fiber to the router. I had a vintage 2007 NID. A tech came out and replaced the NID…problem solved. Went from 5-10 reboots per day to zero. No more dropped video telecons.

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