3 Ways to Fix Verizon Error 5: Other Network Problem

verizon error 5 other network problem
verizon error 5 other network problem

We all commit mistakes as no one is perfect on the face of the earth. Like humans, machines also go through some errors, and these errors can lead you to big trouble if not resolved quickly. In the draft, we will talk about such a mistake that can make your life hard if not fixed quickly.

We all have heard about Verizon, and we all know how good Verizon is about wireless connectivity. But, there are some errors that you face while using Verizon. One of them is Error 5. If you are facing such an error, then give this article a thorough read.

Verizon Error 5: Other Network Problem

What Is Verizon Error 5?

Error 5 of Verizon is linked with a network problem, and in particular, when you have other network issues, you will be witnessing this error. But there needs to some way to resolve this kind of error because this may halt your important calls and transactions. For your ease, we have brought some of the best methods that will help you to troubleshoot the Verizon Error 5. Be with us till the end to find the solution.

1. Network Is Out Of Access In the Region

Most of the time, the issue is not with you or the person you are trying to send messages to. The case is with network access, so you see error 5 Other Network Problem when you try to send messages.

There exist no particular solution to this except waiting for the network to return. If the issue was with the network, then your problem will be resolved automatically and if not, then scroll down to find other solutions.

2. Shut Down Your Phone 

It does not sound well the Error 5 will be resolved by simply shutting down your phone. But, it works sometimes. There exist many precedences on the Verizon customer care where just shutting down the phone of putting it on Airplane mode of sometimes worked perfectly for the users, and they were able to get rid of the error 5.

3. Try Calling Verizon Customer Care Center

If the above-given methods do not resolve the issue, the only solution left in your pocket is to call the Verizon customer care center. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get your issues resolved in minutes. Verizon has some experienced employees that will listen to you and resolve your issue as soon as possible. It can be the perfect solution if nothing is working for you.


Briefly speaking, the article has covered all the aspects related to the title. In the above-written draft, you will find some of the best solutions to resolve all of your concerns related to the Verizon Error 5. In the article, we have tried the best possible to enrich you with all the relevant knowledge. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comment box.

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  1. Whomever wrote these “solutions” to Error Code 5 should spellcheck and grammar check! My Lord! Disregarding the fact that none of these “solutions” offer ANY actual inciting explanation as to the root cause for the problem, the author merely parrots generic “what-to-do” instructions “when” that a kindergartener would know how to follow by rote without looking to the internet to follow (not necessarily in this order:

    1) Shutting Down Phone or Putting in Airplane Mode
    2) Call Vzw Customer Svc / Check for Outages
    3) Wait

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