Verizon Time Wrong: 5 Ways To Fix

verizon time wrong
verizon time wrong

The mobile phones have become an ultimate need for the users because it provides everything one needs. For instance, the users can make calls and send/receive text messages, while browsing the internet and mailing. In the same way, people need phones to have information about the date and time just by pressing a single power button. So, if you have the Verizon time wrong issue, we have added what you need to know!

Verizon Time Wrong

1) Update

First of all, you need to update the mobile phone and the software. This is essential because in some cases, the time and date won’t stay correct if you have the dated software. With this being said, update the phone’s software and it will fix the time issue on your Verizon phone.

2) Settings

In some cases, the problem is truly at your end because you haven’t set the correct time. In this case, follow the below-mentioned steps to set the time settings;

  • First of all, open the settings on your phone
  • Scroll down to the date and time tab
  • Disable the automatic date and time option
  • Once you’ve disabled the automatic date and time, manually set the correct date and time
  • This will help keep the time correct

In the same vein, if you were using the manual date and time settings, you need to switch to automatic date and time. This automatic date and time must be sourced from Verizon for a better experience. In addition, using the Verizon-sourced time and date is essential if you need to change the time zones on regular basis.

3) Verizon Support

If you are unable to fix and set the correct time on Verizon’s phone even after manual and automatic options, you should try getting in touch with Verizon customer support. When you contact Verizon customer support, they will initiate the trouble ticket and will fix the issue.

4) Factory Reset

In some cases, the date and time issues are occurring because your Verizon phone has caught a bug. In this case, you need to opt for the factory resetting of your phone. The factory reset will erase the bugs, errors, as well as the important data and settings on the phone. So, we suggest that you write down the passwords and desired settings before factory reset. Once the factory reset is complete, just manually set the date and time and it will stay fine.

5) Tower Issue

In case you are living away from the Verizon tower, you will struggle with the wrong settings and other issues. With this being said, you either need to get closer to the tower or move to the codes. For instance, if you are using the flip phone, dial *228 from your phone and it will fix the time issue. On the other hand, if you are using the Android smartphone, just reinsert the SIM card in the slot and manually set the date and time, after disabling the automatic time settings. This is because the SIM card reinsertion will update the tower powering, hence better signals and settings.

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