A Review For The Verizon Support & Protection App

verizon support and protection app review
verizon support and protection app review

Verizon is one of the most renowned telecommunications companies in the whole U.S. at this point. Delivering outstanding levels of service quality, Verizon also offers affordable solutions for both homes and businesses.

With over 200 million subscribers, the company sits comfortably among the three biggest providers in the country nowadays. Sided only by T-Mobile and AT&T, Verizon is proud of the ultra-high speeds and stability their subscribers enjoy through their internet plans.

As Verizon keeps attempting to progress further and further, it developed an app that allows users to control a series of aspects of their internet connections. As the name suggests, the Verizon Support & Protection App offers features with high levels of security.

Also, since the app deals with the support aspect as well, users have, through the app, a more direct channel to Verizon’s customer support representatives. If you are considering getting the app but are unsure which features it offers or how useful they could be to you, stay with us. We came up with a list of information that will definitely clear any doubts you may have had.

How About Verizon Support & Protection App Review?

Verizon Support & Protection Apps Review

If you already have a subscription to Verizon’s services, you are more than likely aware of the variety of features the company offers. You may be, however, having trouble keeping track of everything. This is where the Verizon Support & Protection App can come to your aid.

First of all, security seems to be a primary concern for many Verizon subscribers. Regarding this aspect, Verizon Support & Protect App offers a number of functions that will ensure your data is secure from any break-in attempts.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the security features offered by the app before we get to the extra support help aspects:

  • Anti-virus tool: This feature enhances the defences of the mobile or pc system by scanning the files for corruptions or any other sort of damage caused by viruses. This grants users a higher level of protection for their photos, contacts, and even their personal data. Also, in the event you end up downloading an app from an unofficial source, the anti-virus tool will scan it and let you know if your device is about to suffer from any sort of malware.

Anti Virus tools on Verizon

  • Safe Browsing Tool: With this feature, Verizon subscribers won’t have to worry about their navigation as the app itself blocks access to risky websites. This is also helpful for searching, posting, shopping, and even downloading content from the internet. As it goes, every time you access a webpage, the two ends of the connection share information. This is how the content of the page gets displayed on your device’s screen. So, having a tool that keeps this exchange safe is more than a little useful.

Safe Browsing tools on Verizon

  • Remote Lock and Erase Data Tools: These two features also enhance the security levels of your device by allowing users to set up a code that renders the device blocked and unusable in case they lose it. If you live in a part of the world where security isn’t the best, it may be even more important to have the remote lock and erase data tools. In the event you get robbed, with a simple command, the device can be locked, and all data erased from it. This means that the thief won’t have access to your photos, contacts, data, etc. These two features are extremely important for people who shop online and are not habitually all that careful about the safety of their banking or credit card information.

Remote Lock and Erase Data Tools

  • Last Know Location Tool: Through this feature, users can keep track of where their devices have been recently. This is extra useful if you lose your mobile, as the tool will display the last known locations of the device. That should enable users to locate and retrieve it. In case that is not exactly possible, coupled with the remote lock and erase data tools, this tool can render the information on the device inaccessible to others.

Last Know Location Tool

Other features are the Remote Locate, which emits an audible alarm that helps users locate it, and the battery monitor, which allows users to keep track of their battery levels are also offered by the app.

Apart from the already-mentioned features, the app also offers Wi-Fi security tools that keep both the device and the connection safe when using a public network. In case users need to block access to a certain app, the app-lock tool should help them set a password and prevent the protected app from being used by others.

In the same way that most security enhancement tools work, Verizon Support & Protection App also offers a VPN service.

If you are not aware of what VPN are, they stand for Virtual Private Networks and they set up a connection that hides your real location. This is helpful in case you are attempting to access content that is not available in the region in which you live.

Also, in case anyone tries to break into your network, not knowing the exact location of your internet connection should halt their attempts.

Does Verizon Charge For The App?

Does Verizon Charge For The App

Verizon offers a free-of-charge version of the app and a premium one. As with most apps on the internet nowadays, the free version has fewer features than the premium.

When it comes to the Verizon Support & Protection App, it is no different. Surely, most of the top-quality security features will be offered in both versions, but the premium always has a little extra. And that is exactly where the usage fees are going.

So, while the free version scans the device’s system for malware, the premium also scans the internet features. That is the extra security layer users get with the premium version of the app.

So, once you download and install the Verizon Support & Protection App, run it and go through the terms and conditions. Then, as the app prompts you to grant it permissions, simply accept them all and a login pop-up should appear on the screen.

download and install the Verizon

Enter your access credentials and then simply use the app’s free version. In case you opt for the premium, simply click on any of the banners in the app or find the upgrade to the premium app through the settings.

There is a second way to get your free app upgraded to the premium version. So, if you are interested in the extra security layer, follow the steps below and get the premium version:

  1. Run the app on your device and locate the “take control of privacy and identity” option at the bottom of the screen. Then click on “Learn More”
  2. A page will appear with all the information you need to know about the differences between the free and the premium versions. Choose premium by clicking on “add Support & Protection to the account”.
  3. Lastly, click on “Subscribe” and get the upgraded version of the app.

The Verizon Support & Protection app, just like any other, can be disabled at any moment. This can be done through the apps tab on your device’s general settings. Bear in mind, though, that disabling it will stop all the security features, so think twice before going that route.

Why Upgrade To The Premium Version?

the premium one offers

Different from the free version, the premium one offers VPN and Identity Theft Protection. And that costs only an extra $5 per month for one device or $10 for all devices linked to your Verizon account.

In A Nutshell

The Verizon Support & Protection App offers a high level of security to both your device and your internet sessions. This means no more worrying about which web pages you are accessing or which content you wish to download.

The security features will keep the system safe from malware at all times. So, if you are thinking about getting the app, rest assured that you are making a smart choice!

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