Call From Restricted Number On Verizon

call from restricted number verizon
call from restricted number verizon

Caller ID is one of the most important features on most cellphones these days as it allows us to know who is calling before we can pick a call. It does not only bring up the name of a person if you have their number saved in your contact list but also allows you to call them back in case you need to. This is a basic feature with every cellular service provider out there but sometimes you get a call that says restricted number on Verizon. This way, you cannot know from whom the call is unless you speak to them, and do not have a viable way to call them back either. If you are wondering how this works, here is how

Call From Restricted Number On Verizon

What does it mean?

If your phone rings and it says Restricted number or you see something like a missed call from a restricted number in your call list. That means that the caller does not want you to know their number and have their restricted number feature on their Verizon connection. The caller wishes to remain anonymous and hence they have opted for this feature to make sure that you cannot know their number.

This is a common practice for some businesses or individuals who are skeptical about their privacy or don’t want to have too many incoming volumes on their phones to activate the feature. The feature might not look workable for you, but many people opt for it and you must have come across in your life with such incidents that say restricted number calling. There are certain bells and whistles attached to it and let’s have a look at them from both receiver and dialer’s perspective.


If you are looking to have a restricted number and are willing to know what is involved and how you can activate it for yourself on your Verizon number. Following is the detailed elaboration

How to get it activated?

There are no restrictions on blocking your number to be shown on the receiver’s phone when you call them and all you have to do is dial 67 before a number that you are calling so they will see restricted number calling on their phone instead of your number when you call them.

You can also choose to have your number restricted permanently by contacting Verizon helpline from your phone and requesting them for it. It might cost you a bit more than regular calls you are placing and that would best be confirmed by Verizon upon contacting.

What it entails?

Your number will not be shown to any person or business you call and you can make anonymous calls to anyone you wish to. This also means that people usually do not pick calls from the number that they don’t know who it is coming from to avoid solicitors and you might not be able to connect with certain people.

Also, there will be no way for them to find out that you called them in case they miss a call and they cannot call you back since your number is restricted. Although, there are certain perks to it as well that include you will not be getting any incoming calls if you wish it that way, or unless you have shared your number with the people that you want to receive calls from.


Being a receiver means that you are getting a call that says the restricted number and you want to know what it means, and how it works. Also, you might want to know if you will be able to know that who this call is from and if you can block such calls to get on your phone.

Is it possible to trace a call from a Restricted number?

No, it is not possible to trace a call from a restricted number that means you cannot ask Verizon or there are no other means of you knowing who the call is from if it says restricted number on your caller ID. You always have the choice to pick the call and know who is calling, or you can not pick the call if you don’t wish to. However, it would not be possible to entirely block such calls because there is no number to add to your blocking list.

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