Can I Have 2 Modems With Xfinity? (Answered)

can i have 2 modems with xfinity
can i have 2 modems with xfinity

Xfinity delivers outstanding internet service throughout the country. Even though their coverage area rests mainly in the east coast, users from all five regions of the country have access to Xfinity’s excellent internet connection speeds and stability.

Through their modem-based system, subscribers have top-quality internet signal delivered to their homes and offices.

Xfinity offers customers a series of plans and devices, aimed at meeting whatever demand subscribers might have. To that extent, the company has been extremely successful.

However, most lately, some have been looking for options to solve the ‘dead zones’ in their homes or offices. Dead zones, for those who are not acquainted with the term, refers to the parts of the building where the internet signal cannot reach.

Can I Have 2 Modems With Xfinity?

If you find yourself asking for options to increase the coverage area of your Xfinity internet setup, there is a high chance you will find a solution by acquiring a second modem.

As so many users have done, running a double-modem system will definitely enhance the signal distribution and most likely reach the dead zones you have throughout the building.

However, upon enquiring about it to Xfinity representatives, people are informed that the double-modem system is not possible with a single subscription. In order to get the extra coverage area, they tell you you have to get a second subscription.

Still, users are finding ways around the provider’s rules and setting up the second modem. So, should you find yourself in need of a second modem, bear with us as we walk you through all the info you need to know.

According to most users who succeeded in getting the double-modem setup, the easiest way to do it is by contacting Xfinity customer support and asking for a second modem.

Normally, their first answer is that it simply isn’t possible to have a second modem unless you get a second subscription. Surely, that would double the costs of your internet setup, but hold on… there is a way out!

Apparently, all you have to do is ask them for a new modem and say that the one installed in the building is used by your landlord and you wish to get one that covers your house or office.

send a brand new modem your way

That should be enough for them to send a brand new modem your way. Since they know you already have an Xfinity internet connection set up in your place, all they will have to do is perform a simple check.

That check can be done remotely and, once all is verified, they can activate your internet plan right there.

Similarly to the first modem, you will either have to buy or rent it, so keep in mind the extra cost you will have to bear for your second Xfinity modem. However, buying the first modem should make it easier for you to get the second one.

Normally, rented modems are more controlled, as the company needs to guarantee you are paying the monthly fee for the device. Purchased modems, on the other hand, do not have these trackers as users are no longer bound to pay the monthly fee.

Now That I Got It, What Should I Do To Activate It?

Now That I Got It, What Should I Do To Activate It

It is in no doubt that Xfinity does not allow users to have two modems without having the second subscription. And since you are making your way around the rules, you might want to keep a low profile.

That means, should you get the second modem, do not ask for a Xfinity technician to pay you a visit and install the modem.

Once they realise you are attempting to run an internet setup with two modems under the same subscription, they will be forced to cancel it. This means you will be left with no internet whatsoever and your name might go on a list – which nobody wants.

On the contrary, get an independent technician to do the installation of the modem, or simply ask for the company’s customer support to help you with the installation through the phone.

Even this way, there is the chance they will notice the double-modem system and terminate your subscription. So, make sure to get a technician with no affiliation whatsoever with Xfinity or, should you have enough tech expertise, perform it yourself.

you will have to contact Xfinity

Bear in mind that, once the physical setup is completed, you will have to contact Xfinity to get the activation of the service. Remember to stick to the landlord story!

Lastly, there are some particularities about getting the second modem you should be aware of. For instance, should your internet plan be one of the top options Xfinity offers, you will need a modem that can handle all that data traffic flow.

So, make sure to get a device that matches the specifications your internet plan demands or else, you’ll notice the hardware hindering the performance of the connection.

Additionally, in order to perform the installation of the second modem, you will be prompted to insert the MAC address. The MAC address, if you don’t know, is the numerical sequence that allows a network device to connect and receive the internet services of a provider.

In other words, it is through the MAC address that Xfinity will know your modem is running their internet signal. Should you opt for the self-installation of the second modem, you can always find the MAC address at the bottom of the device.

Why Do I Want To Have A Second Modem?

Why Do I Want To Have A Second Modem

In ninety-nine percent of the cases, users wish to have a second modem to enhance the coverage area in the building. It is known that modems run Ethernet connections, which means the signal travels through cables, rather than through radio waves, like a wireless network.

That means, if you get a second modem, you will need an extra cable to perform the connection between the new modem and the device you wish to connect to the internet.

Most users who opt for cable connections do so in name of higher stability. As wireless network internet signals travel through the air, they are more prone to suffer interferences or face obstacles.

Metal plaques, for instance, are common features in most houses and they are one of the most regular causes of signal disruption. With a cable connection, on the other hand, the signal travels through the cord, which means they don’t face those kinds of obstacles.

have to deal with frays, bends or any other sort of damage

They do, however, have to deal with frays, bends or any other sort of damage the cable might experience. So, should you notice any form of damage to your Ethernet cable, make sure to have it replaced.

Repaired cables rarely deliver the same level of performance and cables add up to a tiny portion of the internet setup’s total cost.

In the event you do not succeed in getting the second Xfinity modem, there are other options you can attempt in order to enhance the coverage area of your home or office.

Systems such as MoCA adapters or Powerline Ethernet might also do the trick, but they come with a cost – even if it is a small one. The good thing about getting the second Xfinity modem through the ‘landlord’ story is that you will double the coverage area without paying anything else for it.

Alternatively, as many others opted for, you can set up a router with your Xfinity modem. The company itself offers options for that kind of internet connection, but with costs.


You can, however, purchase a router on your own and have someone come over to install and set it up if you lack the expertise. This is also a solid option to enhance the coverage area as routers are specifically designed for that purpose.

The flip side, though, is that you might not get the same stability as an Ethernet connection, so choose wisely.

In The End

In a nutshell, Xfinity will not simply allow you to run a double-modem internet system in your house of office, at least not without paying for a second subscription. So, go with the ‘landlord’ story and get the second device sent to you.

purchase a router on your own

Make sure, however, to get a modem that is compatible with your internet plan and that no one from Xfinity is coming to install it for you!

On a final note, should you find out other ways to get the second modem, and with it, the extra coverage, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section telling us all about it and help your fellow readers get that extra coverage.

Also, every piece of feedback helps us build a stronger community so, don’t be shy and tell us how you made it happen!

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