How to Obtain Cheap Internet for Laptops and Mobile Devices

In the current economy many people are looking to save money by cutting back on things that are not really necessary.  At one time, Internet access was considered to be a luxury however with the recent technological advances that provide easier access to broadband the Internet is becoming a necessity for accomplishing daily tasks.  Some Internet service providers know this and will charge you anywhere from $40 to $65 pr month depending upon the service plan you choose.  Over the period of one year the cost of Internet access can really burn a hole in your pocket.

If Internet access has become a necessity but you would like to cut back on the cost there are many ways to obtain cheap Internet at reasonable rates without breaking the bank.  Also, as emerging 3G and 4G wireless connectivity grows in popularity in the future it is likely that the price will drop as more people get connected.  Meanwhile here are some steps you can take to cut back on the cost of Internet access.

Use Public Access Points

Public Internet access points are becoming more common as more people use the Internet on a daily basis.  If you live in an area that offers a number of public access points you can use these points as an alternative to paying a monthly fee for Internet connectivity.  Public access points are not always secure however, as long as you do not conduct your banking or reveal any other type of sensitive information this type of Internet access can help reduce the costs of accessing the Internet.

Use an Aircard

If you currently have a mobile phone contract some cell phone carriers offer an aircard for free which allows you a specified amount of data transfer which is measured in megabytes.  The aircard provides you with Internet access in any location that has cell phone connectivity.  You can also purchase aircards for your laptop which provide you with access to the Internet at a reasonable rate.  The aircard plugs into your USB port or you insert it into the card slot on your laptop depending upon the aircard provider you use.

Satellite Internet

If you reside in an area where it is difficult to get Internet access or the service is just plain expensive, you may want to consider adding Internet access to your satellite TV subscription.  Many satellite television service providers are adding Internet access to their packages in an effort to compete with the cable television services.  If you already have a subscription you can usually get satellite Internet access added at a cheaper rate.  If your satellite TV provider works with local phone providers, you may be able to obtain a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) that provides you with access to high speed broadband.

Use a Free ISP

There are a number of free Internet access services online which offer free dialup with no strings attached.  Services such as NetZero and Juno allow you to browse the Internet completely free for a specified number of hours each month. Free Internet services offer an easy signup process that is free of any risks or obligations to make a purchase.  You also get multiple email addresses and access to video and chat services.  There are literally hundreds of free Internet access services that you can choose from if you search with the terms “free Internet” online.

Use a Cheap ISP

There are also a number of Internet Service Providers online that offer a high speed dialup connection at a very low monthly cost.  Services such as provide Internet access for less than $5 per month for the first three months of service and then it is less than $10 per month thereafter. You also receive unlimited Internet access and email service, spam protection, virus protection, and tech support.

Look for Special Promotions

Shop around for special promotions that offer you Internet access at a significant discount.  Many ISPs want to know where their customers are coming from so they know where to target their advertising.  As a result, you can obtain cheap Internet by entering a promotion code or other information that tells the ISP where you saw their promotion.

Use Dialup with Web Accelerator Technology

Dialup Internet access can be obtained for less than $10 per month due to the increasing popularity of broadband.  Many people do not use dialup because modern applications require high speed Internet.  However, if you obtain dialup Internet access that provides web accelerator technology you can increase the speed of your Internet connection significantly so it comes quite close to a broadband connection.  The only thing this type of technology does not do is speed the process of downloading files or streaming videos since these file types are compressed.

Internet access does not have to be expensive and if you invest the time to find out what your options are you will find that you do not have to sacrifice Internet connectivity due to costs.

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