How To Block International Calls On Verizon Wireless?

how to block international calls on verizon wireless
how to block international calls on verizon wireless

Mobile phones are one of the best creations that technology has come up with. In older times, people had to make calls using a telephone. These were wired devices that served no other objective. However, now you can make calls using your mobile as well as access numerous other features. Most of these works best when paired up with a stable internet connection.

Though, some users might like to stay out of their house, whether it be for work or just enjoyment. This is where network operators come in. You can simply install a SIM card on your device and then subscribe to a package. This will allow you to make calls no matter where you are as well as have access to the internet.


There are multiple operators that you can select when purchasing a SIM card. Though, one of the most recommended ones is Verizon. This is due to several reasons including their services being great. You are also provided with numerous features which will help you out and make the experience fun.

However, considering the fees for these services is also essential. This is because the more features that you are subscribed to, the higher your fees will be. There is an option to select pre-made packages that come with different bandwidth options. Though, you can also create your package depending on your preferences.

How to Block International Calls on Verizon Wireless?

One thing that many people think about is blocking their devices from making international calls. This is because many users can accidentally, call a friend that lives overseas. While they can talk to them without any issue, the problem is that these calls will most likely drain your credit. Most network operators like Verizon have a separate feel for international calls which is quite expensive.

Considering this, if someone from your family accidentally makes an international call then your credit will most likely be drained. As for trying to block it, there is no method to block incoming calls. However, if you want to block outgoing international calls then there is a separate feature that you can purchase. This is known as the ‘Verizon Smart Family’ package and lets you monitor your SIM cards.

Though, keep in mind that this has a monthly fee and you have to purchase the premium one for location services. Considering this, you can notice that subscribing to a package like this just to prevent accidental international calls is pointless. You will most likely be paying extra just to prevent a problem that won’t even matter that much.

However, if you are interested then you can visit Verizon’s official website to see all the details about their package. Going through this should help you in deciding if this feature is for you or not. Aside from this, there is no other method to block international calls on your Verizon network. It is best that you remove the contacts that you do not want to call accidentally and just keep the numbers saved in a notepad of sorts.

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