Use TiVo Without Subscription: Is It Possible?

use tivo without subscription
use tivo without subscription

TiVo has become the perfect option for people who like to record the favorite shows and watch them later, whenever they want. However, the users need to buy a subscription for TiVo, but buying the subscription isn’t possible for everyone.

So, they wonder if they can use TiVo without a subscription. With this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about it!

Use TiVo Without Subscription

TiVo is the ultimate digital video recorder for people who want to watch TV shows, movies, local channels, and live events and news. In the majority of cases, people need to buy a subscription.

However, it can be used without a subscription, but there are limitations involved with it. That being said, using TiVo without a subscription is possible, and we are now explaining how using TiVo without a subscription will impact you.

In case you are using TiVo without a subscription, keep in mind that users will not be able to access the program updates. In addition, the users will be unable to access program guide updates.

Similarly, if you don’t have access to the updates, you will not be able to schedule the recordings. In case you don’t have a subscription, you will not be able to access the streaming services. The streaming services include Pandora Radio, Netflix, and Amazon OnDemand.

In simpler words, the users will be unable to stream the streaming platforms, and the program updates won’t be available. On top of everything, there won’t be a description of the programs and TV shows.

Recording Without Subscription On TiVo

Many people consider if they will be able to record programs and TV shows without a subscription while using TiVo. That being said, yes, you will be able to record. However, the recording will not have automatic scheduling. Consequently, you can start the recording function by entering the channel, time, and date manually.

What Is Possible With Using TiVo Without Subscription?

If you are using TiVo without a subscription, the users can access the Trick Play feature. This feature helps the users pause, rewind, and fast-forward the live channels, news, and television. For using TiVo without a subscription, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, connect the audio and visual cables from the TV input to the audio and visual output ports on TiVo
  • Once the cables are plugged in, plug TiVo into the power socket, and switch it on
  • If the subscribe option appears, click on the “decline” option

After you hit the decline button, you will be able to use the Trick Play feature. That being said, you can use the rewind, pause, slow motion, and fast forward buttons for controlling the functions.

Additional Points To Consider

While you are using TiVo without a subscription, you can schedule the recordings while you are watching other content. However, it’s only possible if you are watching the TV and will need to schedule recordings manually.

It’s best to purchase the subscription for a better experience, and quick access to every feature. Above all, the subscription charges are pretty reasonable, so it’s best to get it!

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