5 Great Alternatives To TiVo

alternatives to tivo
alternatives to tivo

For everyone who is too busy to sit back and watch the TV shows and movies during the premiere, using the DVR is the right choice. Among all those people, TiVo has become a promising choice which is the top-notch DVR designed by Xperi.

TiVo is usually connected to the home network for recording programs and use other features. On the contrary, if you cannot find TiVo, we have outlined alternatives to TiVo for your ease!

Alternatives to TiVo

1. Amazon Fire TV Recast

One of the best alternatives of TiVo is the Amazon Fire TV Recast. In particular, it makes an apt choice for people who are currently using Fire TV sticks. With this DVR, the users can record anything they want. Ranging from late-night shows to local news and live sports, everything is possible with this DVR. For using this DVR, you can simply use the Fire TV app and an internet connection for proper setup.

This DVR is integrated with two tuners which means users can record two channels at a time. However, if you aren’t satisfied with two tuners, you can upgrade to four tuners and record programs at one time. In case you are using two tuners, you will be able to store up to 75 hours of programs. On the contrary, if you have four tuners, you will be able to store up to 150 hours of programs and videos.

As far as storage space is concerned, it’s pretty great. To be precise, Amazon Fire TV Recast offers storage space up to 500GB which is more than enough, we think. The DVR is compatible with Alexa, so you can use the voice commands for managing, guiding, and scheduling the recording. However, if you don’t have Fire Stick, you will need to invest in it, along with an HD antenna.

2. Ematic AT103B Digital TV DVR

For everyone who needs to watch something live while ensuring other programs is recording in the program, this DVR is a fine choice. The DVR is designed with a USB connection that allows the users to play the entertainment content through USB sticks. Even more, the users can look at the photographs and enjoy music.

On top of everything, the DVR is designed with parental controls, so you can limit the channel access for your kids. The parental controls can be controlled through the remote. However, there are too many buttons, so it might be intimidating at first. The users can use the USB drive for storing the recorded programs, but there is no built-in storage available with this DVR.

There is a “favorite channel” feature, so you can access the favorite channel at the touch of a button. However, the unit looks pretty outdated, so it might not go well with your modern space!

3. Avermedia Ezrecorder 130

For the most part, this is the most underrated DVR out there. It might not have the most advanced features, but it has some standalone features that work great for basic usage. That being said, you will be able to record TV shows. This DVR has the capacity to record videos in 1080p quality. As far as the storage is concerned, it has modifiable and unlimited storage.

On top of everything, the users can connect external storage with this DVR. Avermedia Ezrecorder 130 is integrated with the snapshot feature, which allows the users to capture specific shots on the programs. That being said, you will be able to watch favorite parts of the programs and movies again and again. Even more, the users can edit the snapshots and frames directly from the TV.

The unique feature of this DVR is that it can record the TV, as well as gaming on consoles and PC. Truth be told, this feature will ease the lives of content creators. However, it isn’t compatible with voice control devices, so the control and management will be manual.

4. HDHomeRun Scribe Quatro

This DVR has become a promising alternative to TiVo, and it promises access to the local channels. Above all, the users don’t even need the cable for accessing local channels. The DVR is designed to capture high-quality and clear signals through the HD antenna. The DVR is integrated with 1TB built-in storage, so storing the recorded programs will be easier than ever before.

The users often dread the installation and setup, and it’s a breeze with HDHomeRun Scribe Quatro. This is because the users can place the antenna behind the TV, so establishing a proper connection will be easier. There are four tuners in the DVR that allows the users to record four channels and programs at a time.

Also, the users can access the recording through the app; the app is available for iOS and Android phones. The integration features are great since this DVR can be connected to the entertainment software. Even more, the DVR can be used with Roku TV, Android Amazon Fire. In case you use the app, you can access recordings and watch them as you like. All in all, it’s a pretty versatile DVR!

5. Tablo Quad Lite DVR

Nobody likes the cable mess, and Tablo Quad Lite DVR has taken it into account. For using this DVR, you need to have an HDTV antenna, Wi-Fi connection, USB hard drive, and device to watch TV. Once you have these things, this DVR will become the easiest to use, and you won’t even need the cable service. That being said, you will be able to watch different channels as you like.

The best part is that you can watch the live shows and the latest episode of your TV show. The users can access the programs and recorded stuff through Android and iOS smartphone apps. However, to ensure streamlined functionality, you will need a stable internet connection. This DVR can be connected with flexibility, so one can connect different storage units and use up to 8TB storage.

On top of everything, you can access it without an additional subscription fee. On the contrary, you will need too much equipment for setting up this DVR.

4 thoughts on “5 Great Alternatives To TiVo”

  1. Based upon my experience nothing is better than TiVo. Why?

    I have a TiVo Bolt with external 14TB HD. I’m watching the Olympics and have over 1,000 hours recorded (at 30% full). The slow motion, freeze, freeze frame advance buttons are wonderful!

    I was watching various events and was able to see each call individually. The features allowed me to find the call and go frame by frame to see what occurred without any problem.

    I used to have both (different times) RCN 4K streaming and XFinity 4K streaming. Neither of them (nor any streaming box) allows for watching TV frame by frame or slow motion.

    TiVo is for those who love sports or other shows where the detail matters!

  2. I have been doing my research on TiVo Bolt and TiVo Roamio. There are more pre owned TiVos than new ones. Especially TiVo Roamio which I prefer based on BestBuy’s
    My concern is that TiVo has a negative reputation when It comes to service. You get a lifetime guarantee on some of their products, but getting on the phone questions answered or sending back to the manufactured for service doesn’t necessarily
    solve their problems.
    How could you purchase a preowned TiVo which maybe be one sent back because of constant problems. I found over 12 comments, online, trashing TiVo. These are purchases made be people that did everything they could to to keep the device. They returned the item due to consistent failures.
    Why is it so difficult to find a new TiVo? I guess they’re not jumping off the shelves with a windfall of purchases so production has slowed.
    I know its a good product, but telling people that the problem is on their end, which came up often, is passion g the buck.

    I really want a TiVo. Can you change my mind? Please email with your comments and
    based on your experience, recommend the next best alternative. I need to purchase a DVR like yesterday. I’v gotten rid of cable.

    Top priorities; 1. Up to 1T recording storage, 2. 4k. 3. Multiple recording 2- 4 channels at once 4. Or USB recording and Play, 5. NEW not Used which gives better opportunities for return.

  3. If it helps I am stuck between Tivo Edge All in service and Tablo Quad Lite. I have the Ematic AT 1038 and the Homeworx hw150pvr. Some might love them I do not. Too much pixelization, lagging PLUS when I hook them up I actually lose channels. Sometimes it is better than others with varying factors. The Tablo does have multi-channel recording on an external device you provide. I believe it has 4 tuners. Their live guide cost $$ but there is a free one. Watch as many youtube videos for info.

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