Transfer Recordings From One TiVo To New TiVo: Is It Possible?

tivo transfer recordings to new tivo
tivo transfer recordings to new tivo

TiVo is an established brand in the market and they have been selling streaming players, OTA DVRs, and Cable DVRs for people who love to access live TV and record their favorite shows and movies.

Similarly, people love to upgrade the DVRs and players from time to time because they want better performance standards. For this reason, they often talk about TiVo transfer recordings to new TiVo. So, if you have upgraded the TiVo device, we are sharing how you can transfer your recordings from the old TiVo to a new one!

Transfer Recordings From One TiVo To New TiVo

TiVo actually acknowledges the need to transfer TiVo recordings from one device to another. So, they have launched the online method for the transfer and the online recording transfer feature is available on every TiVo DVR with new experience and TiVo Minis.

When it comes down to TiVo Mini, the transfer method works if it’s connected to the TiVo DVR through a new experience. Now that you are aware of these perquisites, let’s check out the instructions to transfer recordings, such as;

  • The first step is to sign into the TiVo website and account using your username and password
  • When you are given access to the account, scroll down to the manage option and tap on the “transfer recordings”
  • From the left tab on the screen, you must choose the drop-down menu for selecting the TiVo box from which you have to transfer the recordings
  • Then, choose the recordings that you wish to transfer to the new TiVo
  • Now, from the right tab on the screen, you must choose the drop-down menu again for selecting the TiVo box where you want to keep the recordings (basically, your new TiVo)
  • Lastly, press the transfer button and the recordings will be transferred

These instructions are pretty straightforward, and if you follow them accurately, you will be to transfer the recordings from one TiVo to a new one. Moreover, when it comes down to transferring the recordings, keep in mind that you cannot transfer the copyrighted content.

If you don’t know what is the copyrighted content, it will be marked with the red circle/slash sign. All in all, the content with these symbols and marks cannot be transferred and you’ve to record them again on your new TiVo.

What About The Bulk Transfers?

To be honest, people hardly have only one recording to transfer to the new TiVo, which is why bulk transfers are essential. TiVo has updated the transfer feature which now allows the users to transfer recordings in bulk. To be honest, TiVo has launched the update but didn’t bother to notify the users. That being said, if you have TiVo Series3, TiVo Series4, TiVo Roamio, or TiVo Bolt, the bulk transfers are possible.

This is an extremely convenient feature since recordings can be transferred online. However, before you transfer recordings from one TiVo to another, you must ensure that both TiVo boxes must be networked and logged in with a TiVo account. All in all, it’s an extremely convenient manner of transferring the recordings and it works equally fine for upgrading and unloading the recordings.

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  1. not a comment but a question… I just bought a Bolt and have a TIVO from my cable company (suddenlink) so don’t have currently have a TIVO account, nor is my cable company “mine”. How can I do a transfer anyway? Do I need to get some “right” from Suddenlink?


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