4 Ways To Fix TiVo Mini Audio Out Issue

tivo mini audio out
tivo mini audio out

Whenever people invest in TiVo Mini, they expect to enjoy live TV, recorded shows, and watching content on streaming platforms. However, when the TiVo Mini audio out issue occurs, it really impacts the entire content viewing experience. So, if the audio is out on your TiVo Mini as well, you can apply the troubleshooting method from this article to fix the issue. Are you ready to fix it?

TiVo Mini Audio Out Issue

1) Reboot

Whenever audio issues occur, your first option should be rebooting the TiVo Mini. This is because rebooting TiVo Mini will optimize the settings and the configuration details will be optimized hence better audio quality. In addition, the reboot will fix the errors in synchronization that might affect the audio output. So, you must reboot TiVo Mini by disconnecting it from the power source.

While rebooting, make sure that you remove all the cables, be it coaxial cables, internet cable, or power cable. Once all the cables are disconnected, simply let the device rest for a few minutes and the signals will be optimized. In addition, the audio synchronization will be back on track.

2) Cables

Whether you believe it or not, the cables’ quality can directly influence the audio quality. So, when the audio is out, you must check the coaxial cables. The coaxial cables must be in optimal condition to work properly and give out proper audio signals. The first option is to inspect the coaxial cables and ensure that they are properly connected to the DVR.

In addition to ensuring proper coaxial cable connection, ensure that the cables are in intact form and don’t have any damages. If there are any damages, there will be an adverse impact on audio signal transmission, so just replace the coaxial cables. While replacing the coaxial cables, make sure that you choose the branded cables since they are of higher quality and have a warranty available.

While we are talking about cables, it is essential to use the S-video cable. This is because S-video works to stream videos. In addition to the S-video cable, connect the white and red cables in the respective jacks to ensure the audio and sound are working properly.

3) Mute & Volume Controls

If the audio is out in terms of no sounds, you have to check the volume controls on the DVR or mute function. First of all, see if you’ve switched on the mute option. To check this, just use the remote control and look for the mute button and press it once to see if the audio starts working. However, if the mute function isn’t switched on, choose and press the volume + button to increase the audio volume. As a result, the audio is likely to work.

4) Connection

While you are using TiVo Mini, you must understand that extra devices in the connection can adversely impact the connection. In addition, it might be the reason behind the audio out issue. So, the simplest solution is to connect TiVo Mini to the TV directly and make sure there are no stereos and VCRs in between.

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