Can You Use TiVo Bolt Without Subscription?

tivo bolt without subscription
tivo bolt without subscription

TiVo has gained immense popularity among people who love to consume content and want to record their favorite movies and TV shows. For this reason, TiVo has released TiVo Bolt that allows them to use the high-end features. However, people often ask if they can use TiVo Bolt without subscription because not everyone wants to pay!

Can You Use TiVo Bolt Without Subscription?

When we talk about the TiVo DVRs (yes, the TiVo Bolt is also a DVR), they do require subscriptions to ensure the availability of complete functionality. Still, the TiVo Bolt can be easily used without the subscription but there are some limitations involved (of course). For instance, if you don’t buy the subscription, you cannot have access to the program guide updates.

When you start using the TiVo Bolt without the subscription, you will have access to the latest program guide or the one that you were using before canceling the subscription. However, you cannot access the updates to the program guide. The unavailability of the update access means that you will not be able to schedule the recordings on TiVo Bolt.

Moreover, when you don’t sign up for the subscription or don’t pay for it, you won’t have access to online streaming platforms, such as Amazon OnDemand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora Radio, and any other streaming platforms. That being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you can only access the Trick Play feature if you don’t buy the subscription.

In case you are unaware of what the Trick Play feature means, it allows the users to rewind the live session, pause the session, or fast-forward the session (yes, you can access live TV without a subscription). If you don’t know how to use TiVo Bolt without a subscription, we have the step-by-step guide designed to help you out;

  • To begin with, you need to connect the audio and visual cords from the TV’s input to the output ports of TiVo Bolt’s audio and visual ports
  • When the audio and visual cords are connected between TiVo Bolt and TV, you must connect TiVo Bolt with the power source
  • Then, switch on the TiVo Bolt
  • If the subscription prompt pops up on the TV device or screen, you just have to press the decline button
  • Now that the subscription is declined, you can use the TiVo Bolt’s remote control to use the Trick Play feature

When the TiVo Bolt is connected to the TV, you can start using the slow-motion, pause, rewind, and fast-forward options on the remote control. These buttons and functions can be used for changing the settings on the live TV.

Things To Keep In Mind

To be honest, the recordings aren’t supported by TiVo but some users have been able to schedule the recordings while they watch TV (manually, of course). For instance, if you have the TiVo that was bought before October 2001, the users will have access to TiVo Basic and it provides the limited program guide. With the limited program guide, the users can use the software and recording features without paying for the subscription!

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