TiVo 30 Sec Skip: How To Set It

tivo 30 sec skip
tivo 30 sec skip

TiVo is making some of the best and feature-rich DVRs out there that ensure you are getting the perfect edge of entertainment. No matter what sorts of streaming needs that you might have, there is always something up the TiVo inventory that you can get and enjoy a flawless experience with them.

TiVo 30 Sec Skip

They have a remote of their own, and it works in its own way. The best part about having TiVo is their extensive storage capacity that allows you to record all sorts of programs and shows on the TV or other subscriptions that you might be streaming at.

Yet, the features are too much and you don’t have enough buttons on the remote to access them all. One such feature is 30 seconds skip which allows you to skip a pre-recorded program that you are watching for 30 seconds.

This way, you will be able to skip any unwanted parts that you don’t want to watch, or you might have watched before. A few things that you need to know about the feature and how to set it up on your remote are:

How to Set it?

To start with that, you need to start playing any show or video that you have recorded and stored on the DVR already.

Once a video is playing you need to press select, then play, then select again, then 3, then 0, and Select button again. These buttons need to be in the same order to make it work properly.

Once you press the buttons, you should be hearing 3 beeps and that means the skip feature is activated on your TiVo and now you can use it. To use the feature, you have to locate the skip button on your remote.

It is a button with an arrow pointing towards the next. So, every time you click that button now, it will skip the pre-recorded content that you are playing to 30 seconds.

You can also set it to a minute or any other custom duration, by changing the 3-0 sequence and replacing it with the number of seconds you want to have skipped on your program every time you press the skip button on your remote. This allows you a convenient experience with the pre-recorded streaming and you can get the best edge of it.


Yet another thing that you will have to be careful about is compatibility. Be mindful that the skip feature is only supported on TiVo Roamio Series and TiVo Bolt Series UESs. If you are not using any of these and you want to get the feature, it might not work on your TiVo DVR, and you will have to find an alternative for that. Also, you will have to update the firmware to its latest version available to get the skip feature on it. If you are running an outdated version of the firmware even on the TiVo Bolt or TiVo Roamio series, the skip feature will not work.

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