How To Access Motorola QIP7100 2 Hidden Menu?

motorola qip7100 2 hidden menu
motorola qip7100 2 hidden menu

Very few companies design devices with the same quality standards as Motorola. Not only for mobiles, the company’s flagship, but also network equipment and set-top boxes for TV services. 

With a solidified position in the market, Motorola set-top boxes are among the best for users who want high-quality entertainment sessions.

With a large range of options, Motorola set-top boxes deliver outstanding audio and video quality and are also equipped with a series of features that enhance the devices’ performances. 

Cable TV definitely

Cable TV definitely reached a new level of quality after Motorola joined the competition. Getting a wide range of channels and being able to favorite the ones you watch the most is nothing new in the cable TV business.

However, allied with a powerful DVR recorder with enormous storage units makes Motorola’s set-top boxes a solid choice for any home. 

Not only does the DVR recording feature save the content on the screen but it also allows users to schedule the function and record whatever content they want from the large list of channels. 

With so many excellent features, it may be difficult to find the one set-top box that best suits your entertainment needs. Surely, whichever Motorola device you opt for should deliver what you need it to. 

But, since the company focuses on more tailored experiences, there is definitely one set-top box that Motorola designed specifically for you.

What Does The Motorola QIP7100 2 Have To Offer?

The Motorola QIP7100 2 Have To Offer

Among the best-selling set-top boxes, the QIP7100 2 seems to be the best option for most users. Some others simply purchase this one out of a recommendation from other users. 

Its availability is also a key factor for the success of sales, as it can be found in any of the numerous Motorola stores spread throughout any bigger city nowadays. 

Additionally, any Motorola device can be ordered online through its virtual shop, so simply choose the device you want and have it delivered to your house.

Buying a Motorola device not only gives you the guarantee that you are getting a state-of-the-art device, but buyers can also join their fidelity program and get discounts on the following purchases. 

It’s definitely a good idea as the combination of Motorola devices in your home should improve the overall compatibility and bring along even more features.

remote control is handy

The QIP7100 2 also has a series of features, easy access to the channel and favorites list, a fairly user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly navigate through menus, and much more. The remote control is handy and lets users perform most of the tasks with a few clicks. That even goes for the wireless settings.

Some users have recently found out about the hidden menu on their QIP7100 2 set-top boxes, and in there, a few extra features that further enhance the performance and quality of their devices. If you are also looking for it, stay with us. We brought you the info you need!

How To Access Motorola QIP7100 2 Hidden Menu?

Most DVR recorders have pretty much the same set of settings, as they all perform the same basic tasks. However, Motorola set-top boxes have a hidden menu that brings users to a more personalized aspect of audio and video, DVR settings, and even wireless configuration. 

Features such as video format, closed captions, recordings scheduling, and many others may be found on the hidden menu. If you are interested in getting even more quality, enhanced performance, and ending up with the best possible cable TV experience, this is how you get to the hidden menu.

your QIP7100 2 set-top box

First, switch off your QIP7100 2 set-top box. Then, as you switch it back on, quickly press the menu button. Bear in mind that the time window for you to access the hidden menu after you turn the device on is only two seconds

So, be quick and click on the menu button just as you see the device switching on. In case it doesn’t work on the first try, feel free to try as many times as you want until you get to the hidden menu. There is no harm in attempting a few times. 

However, switching the device off and on so many times in a short period of time can bring power issues. So, avoid attempting too many times in a row.

Once the hidden menu is accessed, you will notice a series of features, amongst which are some that are not reserved for the hidden menu and can be set through the main system menu. 

set-top box’s definition

However, some others are only accessible through the special menu and these are the ones we would like you to focus your attention on. Before we get to the special settings of the hidden menu, let us remind you that any changes must be saved before exiting the hidden menu. Otherwise, the new settings will not be registered by the system.

Now, regarding the special settings in the hidden menu, users can perform a series of changes to the closed captions, video format, and much more. The most important change, and the one that made the hidden menu so famous, is the optimization of the set-top box’s definition.

The QIP7100 2, from the factory, delivers HD resolution through its YPbPr, HDMI, or IEEE-1394 cables. In case your definition settings are already configured for the IEEE-1394 option, there is not much else to do as the resolution should already be at its top performance levels

If you have an HDMI cable connecting the TV and the set-top box, make sure it is connected to the correct port on the DVR recorder before attempting to change the resolution settings in the hidden menu.

DVR recorder is plugged

Now, to optimize the output settings, firstly make sure the DVR recorder is plugged into the power outlet and that it is correctly connected to the TV set. Then, turn off the DVR recorder and as you switch it back on, press the menu button on the front panel of the device just as it starts. 

This should lead you to an on-screen menu where you can tweak the settings to enhance the performance of your video aspect. 

Bear in mind that, in case you end up making the wrong choice and the new settings do not improve the overall quality of the video, you can always reset the set-top box and return to its factory settings. 

To perform the factory reset, simply hold down the power button on the set-top box and unplug it from the power outlet. Then, give it at least 30 seconds before plugging the device back into the power outlet. 

contact the Motorola customer support department

As the device turns on you can let go of the power button. This should be enough for the QIP7100 2 to reset and return to its prior state. If the device doesn’t resume working shortly, simply sit back and wait for it to make all the changes it needs to return to its factory settings. 

Also, factory resetting devices causes all stored information to be erased. So, if you perform a factory reset, keep the login credentials for the services and devices connected to your set-top box around to avoid wasting time with configuration.

Lastly, in case you have trouble accessing the hidden menu, or even changing the settings to get the best possible resolution, you can always contact the Motorola customer support department and get some help.

They have highly trained professionals that deal with all sorts of problems, which means they will know exactly how to walk you through whatever procedure you may be attempting with your QIP7100 2. So, if you feel stuck, grab the phone and ask them for some assistance.

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