What Is AMPAK Technology On My Network? (Answered)

what is ampak technology on my network
what is ampak technology on my network

AMPAK has been around for twenty years now and they have been offering an array of software solutions and hardware equipment to the users. In addition, they provide R&D, marketing, production, design, and technology integration services. So, if you have purchased any of their services, it will appear on the network connection. However, for more details, check out the article below!

What Is AMPAK Technology On My Network?

Understanding AMPAK Technology On The Network

AMPAK Technology is basically a multimedia company offering wireless and optical communication services. They offer various products and services, such as wireless HDMI, wireless SiP, Wi-Fi modules, outdoor access points, routers, and TOcan packages. In simpler words, various internet devices installed in the network infrastructure belong to AMPAK Technology and the connected devices will be named “AMPAK Technology” when they appear on the network.

On the other hand, if you have not connected any software and hardware equipment by AMPAK to the network but it’s still appearing on the network, it can be a security threat and you have to get rid of it. So, let’s check out the steps that you’ve to follow;

  1. The Windows Connect Now Service

To begin with, you have to turn off the Windows Connect Now service. It allows the users to see which devices are currently using the network, rather than the legacy devices that you’ve connected to. Keep in mind that WCN is not mandatory, which is why you should turn it off and connect only one computer to the Wi-Fi. To be honest, it might be a hassle since WCN connects to the internet and provides instant access to the guests but you’ve to do it for securing the network. To turn off WCN, follow these steps;

  • First of all, you have to open the admin tools and go to the services tab
  • Scroll down to WCN and right-click on it to access the properties
  • Now, open the “general” tab and choose “disabled”
  • Then, go to the “service status” option and tap on the stop button
  • Lastly, just apply the settings and WCN will be turned off
  1. Disable WPS

To secure your network and prevent random people from connecting to the internet, it’s recommended that you disable the WPS option on the router. That’s because it allows the users to connect to your network, even if there is a password set up. In particular, the users can press the WPS button on the router and on the device to establish a connection, which leads to unauthorized access to the network. So, let’s see which steps you’ve to follow to disable WPS;

  • First of all, use the IP address of your router to sign into the web-based console
  • Use your router’s login credentials to sign in
  • When you get access to the dashboard, open the wireless settings
  • Scroll down to the WPS option and toggle it off (it will disable it)
  • Save the settings and you are done!

These steps will ensure that no unwanted or unauthorized person can connect to your internet!

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