US Cellular Hotspot Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

us cellular hotspot not working
us cellular hotspot not working

US Cellular has millions of customers under their belt, solely because there are various plans and networks available. Similarly, people love the coverage but the US Cellular hotspot not working issue can be intriguing. In addition, it can adversely impact the connectivity, but we have the troubleshooting methods lined out here!

US Cellular Hotspot Not Working

1) Internet Connection

When the hotspot is not working, one must ensure that the internet connection is working properly. This is because if you don’t have the mobile data working properly, the hotspot isn’t going to working. For this purpose, you must switch on the cellular data.

In addition, if the mobile data is already switched on, you must check that you haven’t exceeded the data limit from the plan. This is because if you are using the prepaid plan, US Cellular will throttle the speed. So, please update the data plan if you have surpassed the plan.

2) Wi-Fi

This is about the device that you are trying to use the mobile hotspot on. With this being said, ensure that the end-user device has switched on the Wi-Fi feature. You can open the settings and toggle on the Wi-Fi. In addition, we suggest that you also restart the other device which is unable to use the hotspot.

3) Password

If you have protected the hotspot with the password, you need to have a look at the password. Likewise, you must ensure that the other device has entered the correct password. This is because the password will directly influence the hotspot connectivity. In addition, you could try changing the password and connect with the hotspot with a new password.

4) Power Mode

When it comes down to smartphones and your inability to use the hotspot with US Cellular, the power mode has a role to play. This is because if you have enabled the low-power mode or battery saver mode on the smartphone, the connectivity will be hammered. So, we suggest that you switch off the battery saver and low-power mode and try using the hotspot again.

5) Reboot

With US Cellular, you must have a smooth performance on the mobile phone to ensure proper connectivity. For this reason, it’s better that you reboot both devices; the device that has to share the mobile data hotspot and the device that has to use it. Once both devices are rebooted, you will be able to access the hotspot services.

6) Software

When it comes down to smartphone software, you must keep in mind that they can influence the network connectivity as well as the hotspot. For this reason, if you haven’t updated the software update for a long time, you must download it. With this being said, look for the software update and install if available. As a result, the hotspot connectivity will be streamlined!

By now, we are pretty sure that you are able to use the mobile hotspot with US Cellular. However, if the issue is still there, just call US Cellular and they will provide assistance and solve the hotspot issue.

2 thoughts on “US Cellular Hotspot Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix”

  1. I’ve done all this time and time again I even factory reset my phone I’ve had hotspot issues on and off since I got my s21. I hate paying for something I can’t use.

  2. Having massive issues with mine since 07/04/2022. Internet keeps saying limited. I’ve run diagnostics on my pc – it’s not the issue. I have re-booted my phone, rest to factory and it still isn’t working. How extremely frustrating, especially when I’m supposed to have an online job interview.

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