CenturyLink Not Getting Advertised Speed? (A Common Issue But Can Be Improved)

centurylink not getting advertised speed
centurylink not getting advertised speed

It is completely normal for your internet speed to vary sometimes. Most of the time, the bandwidth provided by your ISP is shared, and there can be a number of factors that could cause your internet to not give you full speed. Similarly, your internet could also be facing an unfortunate issue. All in all, you can’t expect to get full speed internet all the time.

However, the problems start when you are constantly not getting the speed that you are paying for. In such cases, you will need to do some troubleshooting, along with applying a few fixes.

CenturyLink Not Getting Advertised Speed (Improving Speed)

CenturyLink users have been affected greatly by this. Many users have not been getting the advertised internet speed which they paid for to CenturyLink. As mentioned already, there could be a dozen things affecting your internet.

Fortunately, there are multiple troubleshooting methods that you can easily try out. Hopefully, these should help you fix your internet speed problems, along with giving you the advertised speed which you paid for. So, without wasting any time further, here are the ways on how you can fix all your internet speed problems:

  1. Peak Usage

One of the first things you should do when not getting the desired internet speed is to check the number of users using your internet. If you are living with a number of people, you could be getting slow internet speed during peak usage hours.

Just as a precaution, we’d recommend you to change your Wi-Fi password, and see if that makes any difference. People besides your family could also be using your internet. Also, turn off all the devices that are using your Wi-Fi, and then run a speed test. It should make your internet run significantly better.

  1. Using an Ethernet or Improving Signal Strength

Another issue related to slow speed internet is when you are using Wi-Fi. Most of the time, the Wi-Fi signal strength is not optimal, which could cause your internet to slow down. To fix this, we suggest simply use an ethernet cable.

If you can’t seem to use an ethernet cable, check if you are getting proper Wi-Fi signals. If not, use a Wi-Fi extender. It should help you get the proper signal strength and improve your overall connection.

  1. Bad Wiring or An Ongoing Network Problem

If you’re facing slow internet speed since you switched to CenturyLink, chances are that you have bad wiring in your area, or in your house. You will need to test your line’s strength by accessing your router’s settings.

Another possible reason is that there is an ongoing network problem. To fix that, you will simply need to call support and wait until the issue gets resolved. Make sure to tell the support team all of your issues in detail so they can take a deep look at what’s causing the issue to surface.

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