TracFone Data Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

tracfone data not working
tracfone data not working

Tracfone is one of the biggest no-contract phone service providers in the US region. You don’t only get the best possible service at a budget but you can also get a chance to have your hands on the latest smartphones. You don’t have to put a dent in your wallet to have the latest phones, but you can pay for them as a part of your monthly cellular bill. This is just the right choice that you can get and have the best of both worlds.

However, Tracfone’s network is not that reliable and always up to the mark. The main reason for that is Tracfone being an MVNO without their own network of towers. To grasp this concept better, let’s understand what is MVNO.


MVNO is the abbreviation for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Being a virtual network, MVNO does not own any cellular towers for reception and broadcasting of the signals. Instead, they rent the towers from different operators to have their cellular services provided to the consumers. The concept is pretty simple but contains some complications as well that you need to understand if you are having some issues with Tracfone connecting it with the internet over your cellular connection.


Tracfone is a budge network, but it is probably the biggest MVNO in the US. Tracfone uses towers from multiple major cellular networks in the US including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US cellular. These networks combined together make Tracfone the best network out there as you will have lesser chances to lose reception and no way of signal loss even if you are traveling to the remotest areas. But the problem may arise on connecting to the right tower, and sometimes having a tower from Tracfone at all.

The problem

While Tracfone rents these towers from all of the cellular service provider, it is not necessary that all the towers in a particular area are rented by them. That could mean that they have a specific tower rented in a particular area that might be a bit far from you. That means you will have to face signal loss or sometimes error inconvenience with your calls or reception. One of the most major problems that people get over such networks is a data issue and that is what we are going to help solve here.

TracFone Data Not Working

Tracfone is a reliable network overall but sometimes it can get a bit messy for you. Their network provides you optimal service through the best possible towers around your area, no matter what company that towers belong to. However, you might still be getting this error where you are unable to connect to the internet over the cellular data.

You might be able to get the internet sign, or sometimes there is no reception at all. If you are having such issues on your phone and you want to have it fixed, here is how you can do that in no time at all.

1) Restart your phone

The best thing to do in such scenarios is restarting your phone. While it may not work every time but it works most of the time and is definitely worth giving a try. Your phone might be stuck in some loop of loading, or there might be too many running applications causing it to slow down. There are also some chances that your phone might not be connected to the right tower. All you have to do is restart your phone and wait for a second. It would reset any settings that are there and you can start using Data on your Tracfone again.

There are plenty of other things that you can do as well, like toggling the airplane mode on and off. Or you can toggle the data connection on and off to see if it works. These hacks will reset any stuck loops and you can enjoy having the data again.

2) Update your firmware

Sometimes the problem is not that simple. Your phone’s firmware is the software that operates all the hardware components on it. The firmware can get stuck or develop some errors over time. These errors and bugs are fixed by developers through regular updates. All you have to with such scenarios is keep your phone up-to-date and it should work as well as new.

If you are having some issues with the data connection not working on your phone, you might be running outdated firmware. Check for software updates in the settings of your phone and if there is an update recommended by the manufacturers, you need to download and install that update on your phone to make it work. It is recommended that you keep the auto-update feature on at all times so it can update your software automatically.

3) Check for VPNs

VPNs are not compatible with all sorts of networks. VPN settings can mess up your phone’s internet settings when they are being used and that have chances to leave you with no connectivity or problems with your data connection. You need to keep an eye on that and disable any VPN service if you are using one. After disabling the VPN, you will need to check for the network settings and might have to reset these settings.

If that does not work either, you have no choice left but to let go of the VPN and restart your phone. This will completely disable the VPN and you will be able to use data on your phone again.

4) Re-insert SIM card

There are sometimes issues with SIM card placement as well. You must give it a try if you have tried all the solutions above. You just have to re-insert the SIM card in your phone and it should start working again like before.

5) Contact Support

If none of the above methods are working for you and you are getting the right reception but no data on your cellular connection, Tracfone has an excellent support team that can get you out of the corner. You can give them a call and they will fix it for you.

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  1. MY husband’s phone couldn’t get mobile data to work. We tried all of the above with no results. He happened to mention that the location and time on the screen had changed. Last resort we changed the location back to original and amazing – mobile data started working. Crazy. You will need to connect it to Inet or someone’s hotspot to do it.

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