TracFone Minutes Not Updating: How To Fix?

tracfone minutes not updating
tracfone minutes not updating

TracFone is one of the most popular largest telecom brands of the United States which is known for providing its various prepaid mobile phone services to the users. The most attractive feature of TracFone is that it lets the users transfer their remaining minutes or data MBs of the plan from one phone to a new one using the same network. But recently many people have been facing some issues related to their TracFone minutes not updating. If you are also facing some similar types of issues, we are here to your rescue. Read on to learn ways in which you can solve these issues.

Transferring TracFone Minutes

This feature of transferring TracFone minutes has proven to be very useful for the customers as well as different small businesses as they can easily take advantage of this Tracfone minutes transfer and provide affordable company phones to all their office employees.

As an individual user, you can also use this minute transferring feature for adding the existing airtime on one of your Tracfone phones to another. You can either buy the airtime refill card, or you can add the airtime by logging into your old TracFone account. This way your remaining minute balance or say TracFone airtime will not be lost in case you plan to change your old headset with a new one.

Troubleshooting TracFone Minutes

As there have been many reported situations on various online query platforms related to TracFone Minutes transfer. People are not exactly getting the added airtime updated on their new headsets. What to do if this happens to you?

Don’t worry, solving this is not rocket science. If you cannot find the added airtime on your phone, just go to the Website, log in to your account and find the Page that has Prepaid details. There you’ll find a box that says “Add Airtime”. Type in the PIN Code “555” in the box and Voila. Your airtime will be updated.

Another thing that you can do is try rebooting your cell phone. Restarting and rebooting the phone also helps in correcting the number of days and minutes that’s not been updating due to some bug or glitch issues.

Why Prefer TracFone?

Besides being able to transfer the remaining or existing airtime credit from your old phone to the new one, TracFone has some other perks as well. One of the most important advantages of using TracFone’s network is that it is very easy to use. You can easily check your TracFone credit or your TracFone minutes on your smartphone. All the Tracfone customers are promised to get fully supported assistance of TracFone custhelp if you ever have to face any type of issues while checking for your Tracfone credit.


If you’re facing a similar issue of TracFone minutes not updating,  try the above-mentioned tricks. If it still doesn’t solve the issue you can get further assistance by calling the given number (1-800-867-7183. ) and get customer care representatives to help you with your concerns.

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  1. My added minutes to already existing was not updated. Still showing original minutes. Called number for assistance and guess what no help at all. Still showing only minutes without added minutes purchased at store.

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