Does VPN Harm Your Phone? (Answered)

does vpn harm your phone
does vpn harm your phone

Wireless technologies and their demands are reaching to the skies these days. The Internet has become as important as oxygen for the new generation. So, everything related to the Internet is always considered to be a hot topic. Especially when it is related to the security and online privacy of the user, nothing compares to the fact that this topic is most welcomed by the audience for discussion. The questions commonly asked in this regard are How to get online privacy? Is using VPN a safe option? Does VPN harm your phone? There is no better way to answer these questions than to take a good look at what is a VPN, how does it work, and at what cost. Let’s learn about it to get our answers.

What’s a VPN?

Most of you must have heard about VPN and probably have used it many times before. Especially at times when one of your favorite apps isn’t working or some of the websites that you’re trying to search are somehow blocked. This way or other people need the VPN service for more than just privacy.

It is a good option to enjoy all the contents that the Internet has to offer free of any type of limitations and restrictions. But many of you might still be unaware of what VPN is and how does it work.

How Does VPN Work?

Virtual Private Network is basically a safety tool that was created to provide a high level of Internet protection to people who want to keep their internet experience private. It helps you to feel safe and provide a pretty secure connection. You can use a VPN to protect your location details and thus your identity.

Your data information is also well protected and encrypted to avoid any malicious activities from the internet. VPN software can be easily used on phones with the help of their mobile applications but you should be aware of the potential risks if you make a bad choice.

There are hundreds of thousands of VPN apps that you can find on your Google Playstore or your Appstore in case if you’re an iPhone user or any other store that you use. But out of all those, only very few of them are actually reliable. It is hard to trust all the VPN services.

How Does VPN Provide Privacy?

The VPN app on your phone works in a similar way as it works on a computer or any other device. The first thing that you need to do after installing the application is to create an account. There are different types of VPN apps available. Some are fully premium and some apps offer a free trial for beginners. Then there are apps that are totally free to use. But such free apps can’t be trusted. Most of the time these are specifically designed to lure users and steal their data.

After creating your VPN account and buying a suitable subscription plan, you can enjoy your Internet services without having to worry about online privacy. A good VPN is capable of masking your IP address to protect your location as well as your identity details.

It reroutes all your network traffic through separate server tunnels. This way you appear anonymous to the sites and nobody can detect you or track your location. You can easily bypass all the content blocks and enjoy a not-restricted Internet.

Data Encryption and Security

The second biggest and most useful feature of VPN is data security. VPN is capable of encrypting the data information that you send to the Internet servers and what the servers send you. Encrypted data means your data information is changed into a coded form while being transferred between you and the servers so that it is well protected from third-party interference.

This means that even if a hacker is successful in stealing any of your sensitive data information, he will not be able to actually view your data and it’s detailed. He first needs to decode it to read the data files which is not an easy process. Decoding comes with a whole another level complexities and complications.

Does VPN Harm Your Phone?

Seeing all the important benefits of VPN, who would not like to have full security and online privacy on their devices? But the most important thing to ask Does VPN harm your phone? Because obviously we depend on our phones for more than just communication. Our mobile phones are our social media, home cinema, our own music box, Playstation, in short, our whole entertainment package.

So the answer is simply No! VPN doesn’t really harm your phones and it is safe to use the VPN service on your preferred devices. Only if you’re using a perfectly secure trustworthy application. It all depends upon the VPN software that how it affects your phone or your sensitive data.

Choosing a Safe VPN Application

The market is full of different VPN software and applications that promise to protect your confidential data and provide high-level security. But not all of them really fulfill the promises. So choosing a safe and secure VPN app that actually works in increasing your online privacy is not a piece of cake.

You need to be very careful when selecting a VPN app to trust it with your private data information. Carefully read the privacy policies provided on their webpage. Check out their complaint section and don’t forget to go through the reviews. Read all the recent reviews and also check the ratings of the application. Go for a weekly or monthly trial and only choose the app if you are fully satisfied with its services.


So, concluding that “Does VPN harm your phone or not?” the answer is NO!  You can try asking your friends for help in this regard. After all you’ll be spending money so make sure the app you choose is well worth the trouble and your money. Don’t get fooled by all the shimmer and shine of marketing strategies.

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