Can I Use WiFi In Airplane Mode? (Answered)

can i use wifi in airplane mode
can i use wifi in airplane mode

Can I Use WiFi In Airplane Mode

WiFi is a wireless network that we can use to connect with other devices or the internet. WiFi has become one of the most popular methods to be connected to the internet as it enables you to enjoy super-fast speeds of connectivity without any wires at all. Today, we are seeing most of the devices have in-built WiFi enabled for optimal connectivity on-the-go.

We all also know that Airplane mode shuts down all the connections on your phone, and you need to turn it off so you can have your phone/tablet/laptop connected with the internet again. To understand if you can use WiFi in Airplane mode, you need to understand what is Airplane mode and how it works.

Airplane mode

The need for Airplane mode arose with these cellular devices getting handy and portable so we can carry them around in the flights. These signals such as radio signals, cellular or Bluetooth signals that these devices emit or receive caused disruption with all that reading equipment on the flight and since then every cellular device has the option of Bluetooth, Radio, or cellular connectivity option comes with a built-in airplane mode.

Airplane mode is a security feature in all devices that can be used for connectivity. It disables all the communication signals that a device can receive or emit but allows you to use all the other features on your device like playing games, reading a book, or use the camera. It will block all the signals and features on your phone that can be used for connectivity.

However, there is a slight difference between cellular signals, radio signals, Bluetooth, and WiFi that enables Airplane mode to have loopholes in it that will enable you to use WiFi while your airplane mode is turned on.

Not to mention, it is not necessary that airplane mode is used only while on a flight. Many people use it for a wide range of purposes like playing their favorite games without any disturbances on calls, having a break from work, and enjoying social media in peace and more. They would require WiFi to work for them while they have turned off their cellular network and it is possible for you to do that without having to remove the sim physically from your phone.

How does it work?

WiFi signals do not cause any distortion with the equipment usually, so developers left a loophole in there that will enable you to enjoy WiFi connectivity while your Airplane mode is turned on. It depends on the device and OS you are using and what kind of airplane mode switches they have.


There are certain laptops that come with a physical button for airplane mode. These physical buttons are hard to cross, as they will cut off all the communication chips on your laptop and you cannot connect to WIFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth, or any other form of signal communication.

However, if you are using a laptop with Windows 10, it comes with a soft Airplane mode button that will disable all the communications on your laptop. You must have noticed that once you click on this button, it will turn off Bluetooth, and WiFi on your laptop along with any sim network if your laptop supports it.

While you cannot turn Bluetooth or your SIM if the Airplane mode is turned on, you can turn the WiFi on again. All you have to do is toggle the Airplane mode on, it will switch off everything including WiFi, you can simply turn WiFi back on and browse the internet.

On Cellphones

Cellphones have become a part of our everyday lives and so is the WiFi. It is hard to imagine living in a world without these two. However, if you are on a flight, or simply want to use your phone for watching a video, playing some games, or any other purposes without disturbance of constant calls, you can use WiFi with the airplane mode on.

It goes the same for you, as you need to turn on the Airplane mode and it will cut all the communication on your mobile phone. You can toggle the WiFi on and connect with the available network.

These methods do work, but it is not recommended to use any kind of communication equipment in a flight or near a runway including WiFi as it can alter the readings for captains and pose a serious threat.

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