TCL TV Turns On By Itself: 7 Fixes

tcl tv turns on by itself
tcl tv turns on by itself

Everyone loves to watch TV in their free time, but this is a red flag if the TCL TV turns on by itself. This happens when the TV gets the power support, which can be pretty frustrating. Well, some people even blame the ghosts, but it’s not true in any case. In the majority of cases, the TV turns on itself with the stuck power button or the low power in batteries. So, if you want to fix this issue, we have added some troubleshooting methods in this article!

TCL TV Turns On By Itself

1) Power Button

When the TCL TV keeps turning on itself, there are high chances that the power button on the remote is stuck. In this case, you need to open the remote and clean it up to make sure it performs well.

2) Batteries

In addition to the stuck power button, there are chances that the remote’s batteries have gone bad. That’s to say, because the low battery power can send abrupt signals to the TV, which tends to turn it on. For instance, if you need to press the buttons on the remote more than once, the batteries are bad. In this case, you need to replace the batteries.

3) Timer

In the case of the TCL TV, there are chances that the internal timer is switching on the TV out of nowhere. In this case, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps and fix the timer-related settings;

  • First of all, hit the home button on the remote
  • Open the settings and move to preferences
  • Click on timers or clocks
  • Navigate to the timer and switch it off

4) Devices & Cords

There are high chances that the connected cords or devices are leading to this issue. In this case, you need to start disconnecting the devices and cords one by one. Once the TV stops turning on itself after disconnecting some cord or device, make sure that you replace them with a new product.

5) HDMI & CEC Settings

When the TCL TV has some internal HDMI or CEC settings, it can lead to the switch on the issue. With this being said, you need to disable the HDMI or CEC settings. This is because these settings tend to switch on the TV with changes in the HDMI cables or devices.

6) Reset

If nothing is fixing the automatic turn on issue, you need to reset the TCL TV because it will bring back the TV to the original settings. You can reset the TV through the settings menu. In addition, the factory reset will erase the customized settings, such as memory guidelines.

7) Customer Support

Well, this is the final choice you’ve because, after these troubleshooting methods, only customer support can help you out. With this being said, you can call TCL TV, and they are likely to send the technician for you.

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