Vizio TV Turns On By Itself: 4 Ways To Fix

vizio tv turns on by itself
vizio tv turns on by itself

Vizio TV is one of the best smart TVs that you can get out there, with tons of applications. It simply enhances the streaming experience for you for all the different sorts of entertainment needs and more.

If you are using the Vizio TV, you would certainly be enjoying everything that comes with it including all those cool features with the crystal-clear video output, thanks to those quantum colors, and the crisp audio quality.

Vizio TV provides you with a lot of enhanced and updated features that are not available for any other smart TV out there in the market. Yet, there are certain problems as well and you will need to ensure that you are learning it properly to troubleshoot such problems on your own to keep having a seamless experience with the smart TV and all the streaming needs you might have.

One such problem that you are going to face is that your Vizio TV can keep turning on by itself and that is certainly not something you would like to have when you are sleeping or away from the place. That is why you will have to fix it up properly and a few things that you can possibly do to make it work are:

Vizio TV Turns On By Itself

1) Check Connected Devices

There is a common problem with the Vizio TV and that wouldn’t be a problem to start with. There is a strong possibility that the Vizio TV is getting itself turned on due to some signal that can be transmitted through one of the devices that you have connected with it.

There are multiple devices that can do this for you. To start with that, you will have to make sure that you are checking on all the input devices that might be causing you to have this problem.

You will need to check on the PS, Xbox or any other input devices like a cellphone or laptop that you have connected with the Vizio TV. These Vizio TVs can take the signals from the input devices and that might be the cause behind your Vizio TV turning on by itself.

So, you need to check on all the devices and make sure that they are not triggering any such signal for your Vizio TV to be turned on. An easier solution would be to simply disconnect all such devices to solve the problem for some time.

However, if you don’t want to disconnect the devices or the gaming consoles and you want a more permanent solution to this problem, that is also possible. You just have to open the Vizio TV and click on the menu button on your remote. After that, just go to Choosing System, then CEC and you have to turn the CEC settings off. This will permanently be solving the problem for you and your Vizio TV will not be turning on by itself at all.

2) Get The Timer Checked

There is also an option on the Vizio TV for you to set the timers for it turning on automatically at certain times. This is usually done whenever you have set something on auto recording, or you want Vizio TV to record your favorite show or some sporting event if you are not around the place.

Yet, this is pretty simple to make it work. You just have to make sure that you are checking on the timer settings and disabling them if there are any active.

If that doesn’t work out for you, a complete reset would let you get out of all the trouble that you have been facing earlier and you will not have to deal with any such problem after you have reset the settings to default.

3) Power Fluctuations

Another thing that can possibly be the reason behind this problem is power fluctuation. If your power disconnected for a moment and it is turned back on again, that can turn your Vizio TV on again as well. There are simply two ways to get this problem solved.

To start with that, you will need to make sure that you are not getting this problem due to a loose wall outlet or the plug that you are using to connect the Vizio TV to power. If that Plug is loose, that will be moving and with every reconnection, your Vizio TV will be turning on again.

However, if you are facing these power fluctuations on the grid. You can go to the settings in menu of your Vizio TV and turn the option to power on every time you plug in your Vizio TV. This will be the best thing to do and your Vizio TV will not be turning on by itself after you have set the preferences as you need to.

4) Check The Remote And Sensor

Lastly, if you have figured everything else and you are still stuck with the problem, it can be your remote that can cause you to have this problem. Remote can malfunction and it will be triggering an alert for the TV to turn on even if you are not pressing any button.

This happens mostly if the remote is exposed to humidity or excessive heat like direct sunlight. A drop can also cause your remote to develop this problem so you will need to get that checked as well.

The best way for you to have this problem solved would be to get a replacement remote for yourself that is going to help you out in making it all work pretty smoothly. Yet, if the problem is not solved by the remote, it might be the sensor on your TV that might have gone bad and you will need to check that as well.

You will need to take your TV to an authorized Vizio Repair Center and they will be able to look into the problem for you. They are going to help you with diagnosing the problem properly and finding you a viable fix that will solve this issue for you for good.

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