Monitor Turns Off When Gaming: 3 Ways To Fix

monitor turns off when gaming
monitor turns off when gaming

People all around the world enjoy playing video games on their devices. Whether it be on their computer system, mobile phone, or console. This lets them connect with other users and even make friends online. Aside from this, many people have even made gaming their profession. This was done through the help of streaming and video platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

People have almost every genre to select from when thinking of playing a game. Considering this, you can easily find one that suits your taste and you can even play it online with other users. Though, there are also some issues that you can run into when playing games.

One of the most common ones that have been reported is that the user’s monitor turns off when gaming. If you are also getting this issue then here are some ways that you can try to fix this.

Monitor Turns Off When Gaming

  1. Check Video Cable

Your monitor suddenly switching off while you were in a gaming session can be quite annoying to deal with. Though, you should note that numerous things can cause this on your device. Putting aside technical fixes, the user should start with the easiest and most likely one.

This will help you to get rid of the problem without going through much trouble as well. The monitor going off on you while you were playing usually means that there is an issue with your cables. If the device completely switches off then the issue should be with your power cable.

Check for any damages or if the wire is installed tightly. This should be pretty much straight forwarded to check and you can replace the cable if there are any damages. On the other hand, if you stop receiving signals from your systems when playing a game.

Then the problem is most likely with your video cable. Numerous cables can be used to connect your devices but these usually depend on what kind of system you are using.

Make sure that your wire was installed tightly, you can even take it off and then attach it again. If you are still getting the same issue then you can even try changing the video ports. If you were using a VGA cable then your device should also have a DVI-D port.

On the other hand, some monitors might have a display port or HDMI port. Depending on these, you can try changing between the connections to see if your problem gets fixed.

  1. Check Temperatures

If your cables are all fine but you are still getting the same problem. Then you can start diagnosing your system. There are tons of applications that provide people with details about their systems. These will even show you what temperature your device is running on.

Keep a check over them while you gaming to see if the device is overheating.

Most computer systems will shut down or freeze in case of overheat issues to prevent the parts from getting damaged. Considering this, if the temperatures do exceed the recommended values then check if you had done any overclocking. Remove these settings and revert them to their original ones to fix your problem.

Moving on, if you had not done any overclocking on your system then it might be having trouble trying to run the game. You can lower the video quality for your game from its settings to help you in reducing the stress from your system.

Additionally, the user can install fans on their computer to keep it cooled off. These should ensure that it does not overheat again and you do not run into the same problem again.

  1. Check Power Supply

Usually, the steps mentioned above are enough to fix your system if only the monitor keeps switching off. Though, if your entire computer freezes while you are playing a game. Then you should check if you had recently updated your graphics card or some other peripheral.

This is a voltage rating required by this equipment which might not be enough for your current power supply to handle. You can confirm this by checking the power requirements for your system online. Simply upgrading your power supply should then help you in fixing the problem.

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