T-Mobile: The Service You Are Attempting To Use Is Restricted (3 Ways To Fix)

t mobile the service you are attempting to use is restricted
t mobile the service you are attempting to use is restricted

Along with Verizon and AT&T, T-Mobile is one of the most used telecommunication services in the United States. With revenues establishing new records every year, the company is proud of its outstanding coverage and signal stability.

Besides the renowned quality of their services and products, T-Mobile offers subscribers a number of packages, delivering the largest 5G network in the country – and all with affordable prices.

Having taken a head start on the 5G technology, which, according to telecommunications customers, promises to be the future of telecommunications, T-Mobile is even acknowledged by the competition as ahead of the game.

This is of course bringing new customers every day and helping the company deliver even better speed and quality of signal to telephones everywhere in the U.S.

Despite the fact that the competition also offers great deals for excellent services, T-Mobile has definitely become the favourite of Americans these days. The remarkable coverage of T-Mobile brings communication solutions to homes and businesses on every corner of the territory and even abroad.

Disregarding its exquisite reputation, T-Mobile subscribers have still been facing issues with the service on their smartphones every now and then. Though you can be sure that the provider is working on fixing these upcoming issues, it isn’t here yet.

So, with the intent of bringing you both an explanation and solutions to the issues, we came up with a list of easy fixes for a frequently occurring problem with T-Mobile service.

T-Mobile: The Service You Are Attempting To Use Is Restricted

Without doubt, it is quick and easy to shift to a new carrier, and in the case of T-Mobile it is no different. A simple call or website visit should be enough to get you a T-Mobile number in a few minutes – which is another reason for the growth in the number of subscribers.

Nevertheless, as mentioned before, not even the top 5G carrier in the U.S. is free from service issues. Many users are now switching to T-Mobile in the attempt to get a better coverage or a higher quality service but are frequently facing an issue when making or receiving calls on their mobiles.

So, what can users do to fix the issue that is hindering them from performing or receiving calls?

First, let us understand what this problem is. Should you attempt to make a call and receive a message that says: “The service you are attempting to use has been restricted or is unavailable please contact customer care for assistance.”, you are amongst a number of subscribers who are suffering from the same issue.

Although the issue does not affect the sending or receiving of text messages, the calling feature seems to be deeply affected. Due to that, many T-Mobile customers reach out to online forums and Q&A communities searching for solutions.

Since this issue has become quite recurrent, we came up with a list of three easy fixes any user can perform without any risks to the equipment.

So, bear with us as we walk you through on how to fix the issue with the message that says: “The service you are attempting to use has been restricted or is unavailable please contact customer care for assistance.”:

  1. Give T-Mobile System a Day

Give T-Mobile System a Day

If you find yourself amongst the new subscribers that ported your old number to T-Mobile, you may need to wait for at least twenty-four hours before you can make and receive calls properly.

That is a fairly regular issue and it does happen with other carriers as well, since the porting procedure involves the exchange of data between the systems of two different companies.

Unfortunately, there is nothing users can do to speed up the time it takes for T-Mobile system to register the ported number. So, just be patient, and soon the company will be able to start providing you with its outstanding service.

Should you wait for a whole day and the issue does not get solved, try the other two easy fixes we brought you in this article.

  1. Make Sure Your Plan Is Not Data Only

Make Sure Your Plan Is Not Data Only

Disregarding porting your old number to T-Mobile or simply upgrading your mobile package, there is always the chance the salesperson mistakenly hands you a SIM card with a ‘Data Only’ plan.

That means your mobile will be able to use the online services of T-Mobile, but the calling service will not be enabled. This kind of plan is mostly used with tablets, or even for customers who choose not to make or receive calls if not via online messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

If you have a SIM card with a Data Only plan, your calling function will be withheld, meaning you will not be able to make calls. Simply find a T-Mobile shop and have someone verify the package with which your SIM card is registered.

Should this be the issue that is causing the restricted or unavailable service message to appear, the staff will be ready to shift your package into one that allows you to make and receive calls.

  1. Visit a T-Mobile Shop for Customer Support 

Visit a T-Mobile Shop for Customer Support 

If the issue persists and you are not able to make calls, it will not be possible to reach customer support for help if you do not go to a T-Mobile shop. Luckily, the carrier network of shops makes it extremely easy to get this fixed, especially in bigger cities.

Just make your way to one of their shops and go to customer support with the issue and they will surely know how to fix it.

That could be a smart move also because there is a chance the issue is being caused by some mistake in the configuration of your mobile. In any case, T-Mobile professionals will have the answer to your problem and fix it in no time.

Last but not least, it is important for the company to listen to the issues subscribers face, so they can repair whatever is needed to stop customers from facing the same issues again and again.

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