How To Port Google Voice Number To T-Mobile?

port google voice number to t mobile
port google voice number to t mobile

T-Mobile is one of the most preferred network service providers out there. People often associate them with Google voice number. This helps the users have an internet-based number and an actual number. Similarly, some people wonder if they can port Google voice number to T-Mobile. So, let’s see if this is a possibility or not!

Porting The Google Voice Number To T-Mobile – Is It Possible?

To begin with, yes, porting the Google voice number to T-Mobile is possible. However, there are some limitations about what you cannot transfer. In this section, we are sharing how you port the Google voice number to T-Mobile and the associated limitations. Have a look!

How To Port The Google Voice Number To T-Mobile?

To begin with, if you want to port the number to T-Mobile, you need to unlock the number and call T-Mobile and let them know that you want to port the mobile number to the service, and they will handle the entire process. While unlocking the voice number is concerned, it will cost around $3. On the other hand, if you had ported the number from T-Mobile originally, the unlocking will be free.

For unlocking the phone number, go to the unlock page and tap on the Google voice number that you intend to port. Then, click on the unlock my number option and hit the continue button. As far as paying for the unlocking is concerned, you can pay via Google Account, and the receipt will be sent through email. In case you are asked for a PIN and account number, enter the voice number, and you will be done.

With this being said, it’s the right time to talk about the limitations. First of all, the users cannot port the voice number to the workspace account number or any other account. Also, you cannot port the account information, voicemail, and linked numbers.

Additional Information

If we focus on the entire porting process, it’s pretty smooth if you’ve cleared up the costs and charges involved. However, some people tend to struggle with complications, such as issues with incoming calls, MMS, and SMS. For this purpose, you will need to call T-Mobile and have them issue the trouble ticket because they can analyze the entire issue and recreate the account.

As far as the porting time and duration are concerned, voice number porting can take anything from 24 hours to 72 hours since it is usually taken as the landline. We suggest that you run the eligibility test on your Google voice number, and it will decipher if you are eligible for porting or not. On the other hand, T-Mobile suggests that porting will take around two to ten business days.

In addition, T-Mobile ensures that users won’t lose the information while porting the number to T-Mobile. With this being said, there can e instances when you will receive the service on both numbers and phone, but it will be sorted pretty quickly. Lastly, T-Mobile will notify via a message that the porting process has started and about the confirmation as well.

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