9 Steps To Resolve Mint Mobile APN Not Saving

mint mobile apn not saving
mint mobile apn not saving

With the advent of wireless connections, the internet became extremely practical. Not only in homes where routers are set up to deliver internet signal throughout the whole building to multiple devices, but also for mobiles, tablets, and other handheld devices.

As easy as it has become to setup an internet connection in mobiles, carriers nowadays provide auto prompting features that walk users through the internet configuration procedure.

stands for Access Point Name

One of the steps of the configuration procedure involves setting up the APN definitions. APN, for those who are not acquainted, stands for Access Point Name and it is the set of parameters that allows your mobile to connect to your carrier’s servers and receive internet signal.

Mint Mobile is a telecommunications company that provides mobile services throughout the U.S. territory under affordable prices. Other carriers’ customers also have the possibility of porting their numbers to Mint and enjoy their flexible plans with huge data allowances.

What Is The Problem With Mint Mobile APN Settings?

Nevertheless, most recently, Mint users have been experiencing an issue upon updating their internet settings.

According to the reports, the issue causes the APN definitions not to be saved, which impacts the performance of the internet services. Additionally, users have commented about being unable to save the new definitions offered by the company after the update.

If you are facing this same issue, bear with us as we walk you though nine easy fixes any user can attempt in order to finally set their APN settings and enjoy the outstanding internet services of Mint Mobile.

How To Resolve Mint Mobile APN Not Saving?

  1. Check The Condition Of Your APN

Check The Condition Of Your APN

First thing you want to do is check the status of the APN you just set up and the best way to do that is  . If you are not aware of what VPN, or Virtual Private Network is, think of an app that allows you to connect to servers from other parts of the world. That is exactly what a VPN app does.

So, download a VPN app, run the settings and check, by locating the server linked to your APN settings, the condition of the connection you set up with your Mint Mobile.

Also, by setting your wi-fi network as metered, which means a specific pre-defined amount of data will be allocated to that connection’s traffic, you can get a better idea if your Mint Mobile APN is properly working.

Bear in mind though that some VPN apps will not allow a connection to other servers while running a metered connection. So, make sure to set up your VPN with a different network.

  1. Make Sure The Parameters Have No Typos

Make Sure The Parameters Have No Typos

This fix may seem quite basic for more knowledgeable folk, but it happens more often that we would like to admit that we make mistakes when inputting the necessary info into APN’s parameters.

The worst part of it is that most people automatically assume the source of the issue is with some other techier aspect of the internet connection and forget to check the most basic ones.

Make sure you are inserting the correct information into the APN parameters or else, otherwise the connection with Mint Mobile servers will not be properly established and the internet services won’t work on your mobile.

  1. Switch Off The Wi-Fi

Switch Off The Wi-Fi

APNs are, as mentioned before, a set of parameters that connect your device to your carrier’s servers to set up a mobile data connection. That means the service is supposed to be provided not through wireless networks, but through the very mobile data features of your device.

Moreover, mobiles are usually pre-set to connect to wireless networks instead of mobile data connections, whenever possible, in the attempt to save users’ data allowances.

So, make sure to switch off your wi-fi function before setting up the APN parameters to allow the procedure to perform the connection with Mint Mobile’s servers and properly set up the mobile data internet services.

  1. Set Your Carrier SIM Card As Primary

Set Your Carrier SIM Card As Primary

It is fairly common for users to run more than one SIM card on their mobiles, especially the ones who travel more often. Surely, there is no problem in having more than one SIM card installed on your Mint Mobile, but this might require some particular settings to be adjusted.

For example, most mobiles nowadays carry system features that automatically set the mobile data connection to SIM card 1. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot use internet with the data allowance of the other SIM card, just that you will have to manually configure it to do so .

So, make sure that, upon setting up your Mint Mobile APN, the SIM card linked to it is set to the first slot on the SIM tray.

  1. Make Sure The MNC Is Properly Set

Make Sure The MNC Is Properly Set

One of the parameters the APN settings will require is the MNC one. MNC stands for Mobile Network Code, and it is what allows your mobile internet features to identify which carrier’s servers to connect to.

As users have reported, the update of Mint Mobile system might call for a different MNC and it may happen that your SIM card does not perform that change on its own. So, go to your APN settings and locate the MNC parameter, then switch it to 240, as that is the value linked to Mint Mobile servers.

  1. Make Sure To Save The New APN Settings

As the APN settings will most likely be changed, the new values you insert in the parameters have to go into your mobile’s system registry. This will only happen if you save the modified settings before exiting the APN configuration tab.

Most people are not aware that the save command has to be performed. They simply close the APN settings after entering the new values into the parameters and that might be the reason why the procedure isn’t working.

So, make sure to click on save changes before you exit the APN settings to ensure the modifications are set into the system registry.

We also strongly recommend you restart your mobile every time you change APN parameters as the system will troubleshoot the connection upon restarting and re-establish it afterwards, using the updated parameters.

  1. Give Your Mobile A Restart

Give Your Mobile A Restart

Most people do not realise how effective a simple restart might be. However, as the highly effective problem solver it is, the restarting procedure troubleshoots minor configuration and compatibility issues that your mobile system might be undergoing.

Additionally, it clears the cache of unnecessary temporary files that might be overfilling the system memory and causing the device to run slower. So, go ahead and allow your mobile system to locate and fix the necessary errors and resume its operation from a fresh starting point.

That might aid the establishment of the connection between your device and Mint Mobile servers and get you rid of the APN issue once and for all.

  1. Check If You Can Modify The APN Settings

Check If You Can Modify The APN Settings

Most carriers allow users to freely change the APN settings on their devices – with the risk of setting up a connection that will not identify their servers, of course – but they do.

Also, most SIM cards nowadays come with a quick prompt that users go through upon the first use and quickly set up the whole mobile data connection features.

However, upon updating their Mint Mobiles, users are facing the necessity of changing the APN settings to the new parameters and, as the procedure is quite easy, most are opting to do it on their own.

The issue is that not every mobile system allows users to perform the changes on their own, which actually adds an extra layer of security when it comes to keeping your internet settings in optimal condition.

So, make sure your mobile system allows you to perform the changes in the APN settings or, should it not, make your way to any Mint Mobile shops and get some help from their staff.

  1. Give Customer Care A Call

contacting their Customer Care Department

Should you attempt all the fixes herein and still experience issues with the APN settings on your Mint Mobile, you might want to consider contacting their Customer Care Department.

Their highly trained professionals are used to dealing with all sorts of issues, which means they will probably have a few extra tricks under their sleeves.

On a final note, should you come across other easy ways to fix the APN settings issue with Mint Mobile, make sure to let us know about them . Drop a message in the comments section explaining the steps and help our community become stronger by aiding our fellow users.

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