Should SIM Cards Be Updated? (Answered)

should sim cards be updated
should sim cards be updated

With the world moving towards new advanced technologies, one simply cannot stay out of it all. Each day, there is a new technology being discovered or a new invention is being made or a new product is being launched into the market which is way better than it’s the older counterpart. Similarly, if we talk about mobile sims, should Sim cards be updated? Here, in this article, we will tell you all about updated and outdated sim cards and what’s best for you to use.

About SIM Cards

The little networking cards that you insert in your mobile phone devices to get access to the network are usually called SIM cards. There are a number of different types of Sim cards that vary according to their providing network carriers. The shape and size of Sim cards change with time as the technology proceeds to become better every day.

Updated And Out-dated SIM Cards

At the very beginning, Sim cards used to be about 1 inch long which is approximately 2 centimeters long and 1 centimeter wide. But the microchip present on the Sim card is usually shorter in size than the actual Sim Card. Later then, the size of the Sim cards is changed to only be as long as the microchip. Such Sim cards are called Micro Sim cards.

Then, the size of those micro-SIM cards was still cut shorter to accommodate the Sim card in a much smaller area within the mobile phone set which is why the microchip is also made smaller. Such new SIM cards with compact new microchips are called Nano Sim Cards. These are very small and sensitive and should be handled with great care.

But the technology didn’t just stop here. After nano-SIM cards, there were mobile phone devices that started coming out with built-in Sim cards. Such mobile phone sets come packed with a Sim card of some specific network carrier. You cannot change the Sim card of such a mobile phone. These sets are only used with their own built-in network Sim cards.

Why Should SIM Cards Be Updated?

This is an excellent question and it comes with so many logical reasons. Out of all the reasons why should Sim cards be updated, we are only going to state the few that are very important and necessary for you. The most significant of all the reasons is that whenever you purchase a new mobile phone device, it will come equipped with the latest Sim technology as well. So, naturally, if your new mobile phone requires a micro or a nano-SIM card, you will obviously need to update your old SIM card and ditch the outdated version.

With the help of updating your old SIM card to a brand new SIM Card, the chances of your SIM Card getting damaged and you, losing all your contact and messaging data information, are reduced greatly.


Should Sim card be updated? Upgrading your sim card also helps to boost the network connection as it improves the signal transfer that is why it is recommended that you should use an updated Sim Card.

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