AT&T: Do Blocked Calls Show Up On Phone Bill?

do blocked calls show up on phone bill at&t
do blocked calls show up on phone bill at&t

AT&T is a widely used network connection and people are choosing them for the high-end packaging and plans. What’s best about AT&T is that they have multiple security and privacy features available.

That being said, there is a new feature available for blocking unwanted calls. However, with this blocking feature, people consider, “do blocked calls show up on a phone bill?” on AT&T. To help you out, we are sharing information about this!

AT&T: Do Blocked Calls Show Up On Phone Bill?

When we are talking about the AT&T network, they have extremely in-depth bills. This is because they have a specific part on the bill, known as detailed billing. This part actually has every information or history about the network.

That being said, according to some of their customer representatives, the blocked numbers are likely to appear on the detailed billing part. If you are considering the “why” behind it, it is because the blocked number is still being routed by the AT&T network on your phone.

Secondly, the users don’t consider the blocking medium or type of blocking. For instance, if you are blocking the call on your device, it will be routed by the AT&T network to the number before it is blocked.

For this reason, the call records are likely to show up as the item on the detailed billing. Upon asking the customer representative, they have said that there is no guarantee that such records won’t appear on the bills.

The users have to consider how the users are blocking the calls. That being said, in case you are utilizing the blocking feature of the third-party apps and phones, there are chances that the calls will appear on the logs as well as the detailed bill. The reason behind it is because when the calls are blocked on the third-party apps and phones, you must know that those calls are forwarded to the voicemail (the voicemail is administered by AT&T, so it can appear on the bill).

On the other hand, if you don’t want the blocked calls to appear on the phone bill of the AT&T network, you should use the AT&T Call Protect feature. This is because if you block the calls through this feature, the calls will never show up on the call log and detailed billing because it tends to block the call before it reaches the phone.

To summarize, the blocked calls will appear if you just blocked the number on the phone rather than using the AT&T Call Protect feature/app (it won’t appear if you use the specific app for blocking the calls).

AT&T Call Protect

For those who don’t know about the AT&T Call Protect feature or app, it’s the app designed by AT&T for blocking spam calls or managing unwanted calls. For instance, the AT&T Call Protect app allows the users to manage the call protect options, block the spam and risky calls, add the callers to the blocked list, unblock the callers, and report calls.

For using this app, the users have to have the AT&T postpaid service as well as an activated AT&T LTE service.

In case some user doesn’t have the LTE service, they won’t be able to use the call protect app. In addition, the real feature will be disabled automatically if you move the SIM card. In addition, the feature isn’t available if the device isn’t compatible with HD voice and if you don’t have the HD Voice enabled on AT&T. Not to forget if the device is using the FirstNet SIM card, the call protect won’t work and the blocked calls will appear on the phone bill.

On the other hand, with Call Protect, the users can also report the calls as spam. For this purpose, the users need to choose the number from the call log and select the “report” option. As a result, there will be on-screen prompts, so follow them and the numbers will be marked as spam.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, the blocked calls will appear on the phone bill if you block them on the phone or through third-party apps. That being said, if you want to ensure that blocked calls don’t appear on the phone bill, use the call protect app!

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