How To Get Specific Phone Number Using AT&T?

att how to get a specific phone number
att how to get a specific phone number

AT&T has been famous for providing prepaid and postpaid services to your cellular phones. The most common practice is when you ask for a wireless phone number you just get allotted the phone number that the company is available with. But some people are quite picky even when they choose their cellular numbers. It sounds cool when you have a number that is in series or have your birthday in the end.

Getting a specific phone is not a bad idea but it can require a few steps. It is not very common and easy to get specific numbers of your choice as your phone numbers. But still, some people will walk the extra mile to get that. Here we have mentioned steps for changing your number and its protocols. We have also mentioned how you can get any specific number of your choice.

How To Get Specific Phone Number Using AT&T

Protocols Of Changing Number

There are a few things that you must know before you change your wireless phone number.

  1. You get a free service from the company for the first 30 days. You can start using this service by just contacting the AT&T contact number or you can walk to your nearby AT&T Store to get it activated.
  2. If you have completed more than 30 days after the activation when you will have to pay a dollar 36 change fee. You can apply for the change in your package by contacting online on myAT&T or you can walk to any AT&T store as well.

Now when you want a specific phone number you must check its availability before requesting a new phone number. There can be two possibilities for contacting AT&T.

  • If you are a common customer then you must contact AT&T business customer service at 080-331-0500
  • If you are a Telecom manager or an authorized order placer then you must call at 866-288-7629.

Do keep in mind that when you change your mobile phone number your voice mail also changes. This means that your previous messages would be transferred to your new number and you can lose all the previous voice mail and messages. To prevent this loss make sure that you write down or save up the important messages before you are done with switching. Once you get your number activated to create your new voice mail greeting so that anyone who calls you when you are unavailable gets to hear the Voicemail greeting. You can also update your wireless number for the user ID.

Hopefully, this blog will help you to get a specific number as your mobile phone number. There might be a chance that the company gets unavailable with the numbers that you might require but don’t miss the chance of trying your luck.

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