AT&T Call Protect vs Hiya: Whats The Difference?

at&t call protect vs hiya
at&t call protect vs hiya

Over these years, technology has improved, with which the communication has enhanced considerably as well. It can be seen by the fact that people are always connected to each other. Communication has become wholesome and streamlined, given the availability of network carriers and cellular network providers.

With this notion, AT&T has been providing high-end yet reasonably-priced network services. However, the number of robocalls and unknown calls has increased significantly, which puts off the users. To deal with these issues, AT&T has designed the protection services, such as Call Protect and Hiya, for the call-blocking services.

In this article, we are sharing insights about both. It is pretty interesting to know that AT&T has been integrated with Hiya protection. It is needless to say that number of unwanted calls has gained spike, which has created a high demand for the call protection services, which is the prime reason that AT&T has powered in Hiya.

The majority of these calls are spam, scam, or telemarketing niche as they are the mass-broadcasted calls for hundreds and thousands of people. In addition, some are fraud calls that are made with an aim to obtain personal information or money. This is why AT&T has come up with the Call Protect as well to ensure its customers are safe from the unwanted calls.

The Major Attributes of Call Protection Services

When you are talking about the call protection services, one needs to think about accuracy and identification as they are the core components and make a balanced outlook.

Accuracy is responsible for recognizing the numbers correctly to ensure they are only blocking the scams and spams. This is because inaccuracy can lead to rejection of important calls. With such a notion, the businesses won’t be able to reach their potential customer base, which can pose threats to effectiveness and durability.

On the other hand, identification is responsible for counting the number of flagged spams and scams. This is because call protection will tag the call as an aggressive one, and receivers tend to ignore the calls. In addition, there are chances that calls are tagged with the sales call tags. Consequently, there are chances that legitimate calls will be blocked.

To ensure the highest standards of performance in identification, declaring the number of spams or scans can be pretty legit. With this notion, we would like to tell you that Hiya is basically designed to balance the accuracy and identification when Call Protection is in use.

AT&T Call Protect vs Hiya

AT&T Call Protect

This service is designed to block fraudulent calls automatically by detecting proactively. If there is some spam risk involved, it will automatically send the calls and messages to the voicemail. In addition, the users will get the nuisance call warnings for the telemarketing or account service proposal calls. Also, the unknown callers will be redirected to the voicemail.

There is a personal blocklist feature that enables the users to deliberately block unwanted calls. There are Siri shortcuts, so you can get the unwanted calls blocked through voice commands, and the identification of unknown caller detailers are possible as well. There is a reverse number lookup feature, so you can check the caller details.

Last but not least, there is customer call control to ensure users have the liberty to accept, reject, or block the calls. The app is designed with basic and premium features; the premium will cost around $4 on a monthly basis, topped with the mobile security feature.


This service has been designed to alert, warn, or block the scam calls and robocalls. The app will devise the scams based on the database information. The app is designed to tackle the phone calls arising from the telemarketers and other scams. It has the feature of detecting the spoofed calls and provide you with the details of the caller.

Hiya has a basic app available for free, but the premium version will cost $3.99 on a monthly basis. Hiya has been used by Samsung as well to provide Smart Call features. There are automatic call blocking, unlimited number lookups, and suspected spam notification features available. Also, the scam and spam database are regularly updated to offer better protection. On the other hand, the troubleshooting and customer care support of Hiya isn’t up to the mark.

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