Can I Put My AT&T Sim Card In A Tracfone?

can i put my at&t sim card in a tracfone
can i put my at&t sim card in a tracfone

The most common question people ponder about is their carrier compatibility with some other phone they are going to buy. Tracfone is a popular American pre-paid phone service provider that does not only provide cellular carrier services but they also have some super-flexible packages that you can use to get your hands on your favorite cellphone. These cellphones are locked by Tracfone and usually don’t support any other network until you get them unlocked. There are certain ways that you can use another network’s SIM in your Tracfone. To understand it better, you need to know about technologies first.


There are two different technologies being used in the US that are CDMA and GSM by cellular carriers. Both services are totally opposite to one another and you cannot use a CDMA carrier in GSM supported phone and vice versa. Tracfone is a GSM service provider so all their phones are compatible with GSM only. You cannot insert a SIM that works on CDMA on your Tracfone and expect it to work.

Can I Put My AT&T Sim Card In A Tracfone


AT&T is a GSM carrier that is pretty much the same as Tracfone. But there are certain limitations that you will need to cover in order to use your AT&T SIM card on a Tracfone. Being a GSM carrier and the phone doesn’t mean that you can use them together as both companies have locked their SIM and phones so you are at a fix in this matter. If you are not in a dire need, it would not be a good idea for you in the US to use some other network’s SIM card in Tracfone or any other phone bought by a network carrier as you will end up spending a lot more than buying an unlocked phone. However, if you have made up your mind and you want to take this route. Here is how:

Get your phone unlocked from Tracfone

The first thing you need to do to use AT&T or any other SIM card on your Tracfone is to get it unlocked with the Tracfone. Despite the fact that AT&T is a GSM carrier, Tracfone usually locks their phones to work on their own network only so you cannot use any other carrier’s sim card in those phones. You will need to contact Tracfone and might have to pay in full for the phone price to have it work with other GSM providers.

Get the SIM unlocked from AT&T

If you think that a SIM can be used in any compatible phone according to the technology, things are not that simple. Most carriers have blocked their SIMs to be used in any other phones than themselves according to the plans you subscribe to. In order to use your SIM card in an unlocked phone, you will need to get it unlocked from AT&T, and then you will be able to use it in any unlocked phone from Tracfone or any other brand if it supports GSM.

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