Can I Use A Prepaid Phone With A Contract AT&T?

can i use a prepaid phone with a contract at&t
can i use a prepaid phone with a contract at&t

AT&T network carrier is the most flexible and largest network in the USA right now. They have numerous flexible offers by which you can efficiently switch from one service to another within a few quick steps. Considering AT&T’s prepaid offers, they are highly beneficial for its customers. Most of the users are getting their AT&T phones that are contracted and trying to switch them into prepaid based. Thus, it is possible to use AT&T phones or any other prepaid phones with a contract AT&T. However, you would need to turn your simple phone into a prepaid one before you go on with the process. Then, you can switch your contract AT&T phone into a prepaid one.

While we look around the market, we would see that there is a great hike in Smartphone prices. In such situations, AT&T prepaid phones serve the best with their budget-friendly and less expensive phones. Now you must be wondering what do pre-pay and prepaid phones mean? We got you covered. In this article, we are throwing shade on all the relevant details that are linked with the usage of AT&T prepaid phones with contract-based AT&T phones.

What Does Pre-Paid Mean?

Prepaid phones or prepaid services are the ones that make you pay once and for all for your desire device. They do not tie you in the long-termed or contract-based payment chains. Most of the people claim that it is the most reliant way of payment as the payment is always made upfront voiding any shady or hidden charges. With prepaid plans, you can avail of almost every wireless service without being tied up with the prolonged transactions.

There is no activation or termination fee for opting for prepaid plans. You pay upfront and avail the services on them firsthand. Moreover, this lets you stay less stressed about your monthly data plans.

What Does Prepaid Phone Mean?

AT&T offers a wide range of prepaid phones that are extensively available all over the US. Those prepaid phones include Apple®, Samsung, and LG.

You would be potentially saving piles of money after picking a well certified-restored phone.

AT&T Certified Restored phones have been thoroughly inspected, tested, and reconditioned to have a look like brand new phones. In this way, you can get a new phone by eventually not paying full price.

AT&T Prepaid:

AT&T Prepaid offers some top-tier prepaid phones as well as the prepaid plans through their AT&T PREPAID products and services. The AT&T Prepaid gives you total freedom of using numerous wireless services without having to get troubled with keeping credit checks. Moreover, AT&T Prepaid makes you stress-free about all the annual contracts, cash deposit, overage or extra fees, along with the activation fee. With the AT&T prepaid, you can stay connected with friends and family while availing unlimited talk and text. One downside that AT&T Prepaid has, is the limited streaming services.

However, you can fetch the rest of the AT&T prepaid details by visiting

Using AT&T Contract Phone As A Prepaid One:

Initially, it is the SIM card that decides if your phone is a contract based or prepaid, not the phone. However, this is how you can use all the prepaid services on your AT&T contract based phones:

  • Get a prepaid AT&T phone with a data plan.
  • Make sure you turn your contract phone turned off together for 30 seconds.
  • Remove the batteries from both the phones together to find your way to the SIM card slot.
  • Take out the SIM card from a prepaid phone.
  • Insert the SIM card into a contract phone.
  • Now insert back your battery.
  • Turn your phone on after a while.

By doing so, your contract phone would be able to use all the prepaid services.

Can I Use A Prepaid Phone With A Contract AT&T?

Contract AT&T phones tie you up in a long-termed payment chain. No user would like to stay stressed with having to keep a track of payments each month. Although, if we look up the bright side of contract-based AT&T phones, we would evaluate that users with limited income each month can avail so much from this service. You can contact AT&T customer service to avail of prepaid services on your contract based AT&T phone. Moreover, you can get done with it by simply performing the above-mentioned steps.

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