Comcast XB6 Review: Pros and Cons

comcast xb6 review
comcast xb6 review

There is no denying the internet plays a key role in people’s lives nowadays. From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, the internet is there.

Thus, the importance of having your internet connection running optimally with top-tier equipment is paramount. Pretty much any internet connection nowadays, either a home or a business one, has a modem to receive the signal that comes from the provider’s server.

Many setups also come with a router that distributes the signal received from the modem throughout the whole building.

Comcast has reliably been releasing new network devices every now and then. Keeping in mind their standard of quality, users find these products solid options for ultra-high speed and reliable internet connections.

One of such devices is the XB6 gateway, which is the object of this article, and will be analysed for its pros and cons. But, before we jump into that, let us bring you some more info regarding the way modems and routers work, so you can better understand the excellent features XB6 gateways have.

How Do Modems And Routers Work?

Modems and routers are devices used to set up an internet connection. Most of the times, users have both devices working together to deliver internet to the whole house or office, but some users opt for only one of the two.

Manufacturers of network equipment have designed routers with built-in modems, which receive the signal from their providers’ servers and distribute it through the coverage area in a single device.

On the other hand, some users run their internet connections with only a modem, as they opt for cable connections due to their higher signal stability. Therefore, there are options for all kinds of users.

Most experts will recommend users opt for the duo as two devices executing dedicated functions should bring a higher performance. A single modem, for example, cannot distribute the internet signal throughout the building to multiple devices at the same time.

A router can do that, but it cannot decode the signal that comes through the telephone line. So, having both devices should be the best option.

A modem normally works as a receiver of the external signal, which can come through the telephone line, or cable fibre, to then decode it and send it to the router.

receives the decoded signal from the modem and distributes it throughout the coverage area

The router, in turn, receives the decoded signal from the modem and distributes it throughout the coverage area, even to multiple devices simultaneously. When a connected device performs a request, the data package is sent to the router, which sends it over to the modem.

The modem decodes the internet signal into a telephone one and sends it over to the external server, which is the component that will analyse and respond to the request.

That is pretty much how the internet works, as a constant exchange of data packages between the two ends of the connection. And that is why users get higher performance rates when they set up their internet connections using both a modem and a router.

Comcast XB6 Review: Pros and Cons

Gateways are devices that are used to connect two different networks, which means they translate the traffic between different protocols and, through that, allow the internet connection to be established.

With a Comcast XB6 gateway, users can get a fast and stable internet connection with its two-gigabit ethernet ports. This kind of connection delivers a higher level of stability as the signal travels through the Ethernet cable instead of through radio waves.

Wireless networks usually come in handy when users need to have to multiple devices connected at the same time, but they hardly deliver the same level of stability as Ethernet connections.

Also, Comcast XB6’s dual-band wi-fi feature allows users to perform internet connections both in the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz bands. That is quite useful for devices with specs that allow faster speeds, as streaming and navigation become more fluid.

This gateway is also designed with a wi-fi protected setup, which renders an extra layer of protection for the internet connection. It is known that nowadays users suffer break-in attempts quite regularly.

These attempts aim at obtaining either personal data or info, or simply some internet ‘juice’, so having that extra security feature keeps navigation safer.

Apart from all that, Comcast XB6 also comes with a maximum data output of 1Gbps and a management tool, making it a solid option for network setups. Through this tool, users can keep track of their data usage and perform settings that personalise their online experience.

The device is intended to work with Xfinity xFi gateway, bringing the traffic speed to a whole new level through its double telephone ports. On top of that, the battery backup capacity is enhanced, for longer periods of navigation when users are away from power outlets.

That means you get to bring your gateway with you even when away from home.

The CAT-QI 2.0 configuration optimizes the telephone connection and improves calling features. Moreover, the device can be used as a common router, distributing fast and stable internet signal throughout the whole house.

Being a Comcast device, it has a higher level of compatibility with their own home devices, delivering a whole-smart-home experience.

The reasonable prices providers offer nowadays bring users excellent speeds at low prices and, allied with the right equipment, the outcome is absolutely brilliant! Comcast XB6 delivers a 30% speed range than most gateways in the market nowadays.

That is due to its four antennas that work with four-by-four Mu-Mimo connections and increase both the incoming and the outgoing traffic. Additionally, the device is designed to work on optimal wi-fi bands, which counts as one more speed enhancing and connection optimising feature.

performs connections with every IoT device

Comcast XB6’s Bluetooth LE and Zigbee technologies performs connections with every IoT device. For those who are not acquainted with the term, IoT stands for Internet of Things, and they are present in all home appliances that permit internet connections.

As an example, some fridges nowadays can establish wireless connections with routers and give users a higher control of various features.

Lastly, Comcast developed the xFi app, which renders users capable of controlling a series of aspects of their internet connections and even optimise them.

Also, the parental control feature makes the navigation safer for children, as keywords might be added to the list of prohibited access . That means if a child attempts to access adult content, for example, the feature will most likely block the attempt if the correct keywords are in the list.

Additionally, by blocking the access to certain webpages, your whole system will remain safer as these pages can sometimes come with several types of malwares.

let us walk you through the pros and cons of the device

Now that you are aware of Comcast XB6’s most advanced features, let us walk you through the pros and cons of the device. By that, we hope to bring you to the conclusion that this device definitely suits whatever demands you might have regarding your internet connection.

What Are The Pros?

  • User-friendly: The device has easy to use features that deliver high-speed and stable internet connections
  • Mesh: users can ally the device with other Comcast gadgets to enhance the network performance
  • Wireless: the range of the XB6 gateway is higher than most of the devices designed by the competition
  • Dual Wi-Fi Band: With both the 4GHz and the 5GHz bands, users can get that ultimate speed with devices that have the specs
  • Compatibility: XB6 can be set up with the xFi app, delivering an extra layer of security through its performance features and the parental control tool
  • Design: Manufacturers opted for a minimal white look with an edgy theme that will make your internet setup look even more advanced
  • Updates: The team of developers is constantly designing new updates that deliver even higher performances while enhancing the security of the navigation

What Are The Cons?

  • No LED Lights: When designers opted for the minimal look, they decided to leave out the LED lights. They come in handy for more experienced users who can keep track of their internet connection conditions through the behaviour of such lights
  • Radio Features: This feature is set to operate in the bridge mode, which can restrict the performance at some points
  • Temperature: XB6 tends to heat up more than usual, which can cause a drop in the performance as the device reaches higher temperatures

Now that you have been introduced to the best features of Comcast XB6 gateway and is aware of its pros and cons, we believe you have all the info you need to choose the gateway that best suits your internet connection demands.

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