Comcast Reprovision Modem: 7 Ways

comcast reprovision modem
comcast reprovision modem

Comcast is the top internet service out there that has come up with a wide range of internet packages. The Comcast internet packages are designed with high-end connectivity and top-notch signal quality. The users need to provision their modems. Provisioning is all about activating the new modem with the help of service providers. So, Comcast reprovision modem is all about redoing the provision. In this article, we are sharing all you need to know about it!

Comcast Reprovision Modem

1) Call Customer Support

This is the easiest approach towards reprovisioning of modem in which you can call the customer support. You can call Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY and ask them to reprovision your modem. It is likely to take around ten minutes, and you will be able to access the high-speed internet again. On the other hand, you have the self-installation method to follow as well in which you can reprovision the modem yourself!

2) Do It Yourself

Well, this is the self-installation method, which means you don’t need Comcast customer support to help with activation. So, have a look at the following steps and follow them religiously!

3) Placing The Modem

First of all, you need to line out the central cable outlet in your home and place the modem in the open area. The modem must be away from the walls, electronic devices, and microwaves. In addition, make sure that there are no cramped spaces because they can block the signals.

4) Connecting The Gateway

Now, plug in the power cord into the outlet and screw the coaxial cable end into the RF port. The other end of the cable must be installed in the wall switch. The cable connections must be tight and secure. For people who have the voice service, you can use the telephone cord to connect the modem with the telephone.

5) Establishing The Connection

When you add the power cords and telephone cables, the modem or gateway will take around ten minutes for the activation. Keep in mind that the lights must be solid for one minute. As for the Wi-Fi channel buttons, they must be blinking. If there is only one light on the modem or gateway, it must be solid (and white in color).

6) Temporary Internet Connection

Once all the lights are lighting up as they are supposed to, you need to establish the internet connection through an ethernet cable or wireless connectivity. For people using the wireless connection, use the SSID and password written on the modem’s bottom or backside to establish a connection. On the other hand, if you want the ethernet cable connection, plug one end of the ethernet cable in the modem while the other will go in the device (aka your computer).

7) Activating The Modem

In this case, you need to open the activation page on Xfinity official website and follow the prompts. This step will verify the account, and the modem will be reactivated. Once the modem is activated, it might reboot automatically, so wait at least ten minutes before connecting the devices. So, this is all about reprovisioning the modem on your own!

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