A Keychain Cannot Be Found To Store WiFi: 4 Fixes

a keychain cannot be found to store wifi
a keychain cannot be found to store wifi

Connecting to the internet has become one of the most basic daily tasks and people do it all the time. When texting, calling, searching for information, listening to music, streaming videos, exchanging emails and a whole other bunch of tasks, an internet connection is a must.

From the alarm gadget on your mobile that wakes you up in the morning until the streaming platform you choose to watch the newest episode of your favourite TV show, we are connected to the internet almost permanently during our days.

ISPs, or internet service providers, put a lot of time and money into developing the ultimate quality of connection that brings their subscribers the fastest and most stable network service. It is not inaccurate to say that the world, or at least almost all of it, lives on the internet nowadays.

What is the Keychain Issue?

Wireless networks, when first designed, brought to the internet world a whole new level of connection, delivering speeds cabled connections could not dream of reaching. On the other hand, due to the fact that those connections are cordless, the odds the signal suffers some sort of obstacle is higher.

That seems to be the biggest challenge carriers face nowadays: How to design the fastest and most stable wireless connection.

As other factors are also required for a wireless connection to be performed, users are, every now and then, experiencing issues that are hindering the performance of their networks, or even preventing those connections from being established in the first place.

a wireless connection

Most recently, users have been seeking online forums and Q&A communities in an attempt to find both an explanation and a solution. According to the reports, the issue is related to the keychain feature, which is not more than the list of connections established with a wireless network.

As connections need an ID, as well as a few other bits of information in order to be established, the lack of a keychain will likely prevent the connection from being made at all.

How To Fix The ‘A Keychain Cannot Be Found To Store Wi-Fi’ Issue?

  1. Give Your Device A Reboot

Give Your Device A Reboot

An internet connections work as a continuous flow of data exchanges from one end to the other, which means information is being sent and received all the time. The faster the internet connection, the higher is the amount of data exchanged.

Device systems, intelligently, keep the footprints of the connections they establish in order to accelerate further attempts and enhance the compatibility of online features.

Those files are usually stored in the device cache, which, unfortunately, is not infinite, so an accumulation of these files can cause the system memory to overfill.

As we know, programs need room to run, and that room is called free memory, so an overfilled cache might cause the device to run slower, as the amount of free memory becomes shorter and shorter.

so an overfilled cache might cause the device to run slower

Luckily, a simple reboot of the system should be enough to clear the cache of these unnecessary temporary files that might be overfilling the memory and causing the device to run slower.

Moreover, a restarting procedure is a highly effective troubleshooting technique for minor configuration and compatibility issues, as the system runs the diagnostics and protocols that locate and fix those problems.

So, go ahead and give your device a restart to get it working back again from a fresh starting point. Just remember to let the device rest for at least two minutes before you switch it back on again.

  1. Ensure The Network Is Not On The ‘Preferred Connections’ List

Ensure The Network Is Not On The ‘Preferred Connections’ List

Should you give your device a reboot and still experience the wi-fi keychain issue, that is probably because the restarting procedure was not enough to command the system to forget the network you are having issues with.

As one of the best troubleshooting procedures for network connections is to re-establish it from scratch, your system has to forget any trace of that network.

Should the restarting procedure not be enough, you will have to manually command the system to forget that network and remove it from the preferred list as well.

That is a necessary move, as the networks kept on the preferred list maintain the footprints that cause the reconnections to skip the steps that could actually repair the wi-fi keychain issue.

In order to remove networks from the preferred list, you will have to reach the general settings of your device and locate the system preferences, that is usually found on the network tab. From there you will be able to reach the network preferences and the advanced settings.

There, you will find a list of all the networks you have ever connected to. In the event you know which connection you are having trouble with, you can opt for removing only that one, but we strongly recommend you remove all the networks on the list.

Also, make sure to remove the networks you will not connect to anymore, such as the ones you used in trips you will not be doing anymore or very old ones. The action of removing a network from the preferred list simply erases its footprints, which does not mean you cannot connect to that network ever again.

make sure to remove the networks

What is likely to happen, though, is that once you attempt to connect to a removed network, the whole set of protocols will have to be run, instead of skipping some of the steps.

So, make sure to clear the list of preferred networks every now and then, so the reconnection attempt has the opportunity to troubleshoot the connections from then on.

  1. Make Sure To Use Keychain First Aid

The Keychain First Aid app is a utility that checks and repairs faulty keychains in wireless connections. It also holds passwords, private keys, certificates, and secure notes in encrypted files that are in your Mac ioS.

Should you notice anything wrong with the keychain entry, makes sure to run this app as it will troubleshoot the connection and have it up and running in no time.

Unfortunately, Apple has removed the app from the MAC ioS superior to 10.10, but should you have an older version, the app might be found in the applications tab. Simply run it and insert the credentials once the app prompts you to do so, then give it some time to run the diagnostics and protocols.

Depending on your system, or the number of faulty keychains, the repair could last a little longer, but it is a wait worth going through in order to have the wireless connection running as it should.

  1. Contact Apple Customer Support Department

Contact Apple Customer Support Department

In the event you attempt all the three fixes above and still experience the wi-fi keychain issue, you might want to consider contacting customer support. Their highly trained professional technicians will be glad to help you get rid of this issue and have your connections up and working.

Also, they are used to dealing with all sorts of similar problems. So, they will surely have a few extra tricks up their sleeves that could aid you solving your connection problems.

So, go ahead and give them a call to explain what is happening with your keychain entry and allow them to guide you through the easy solutions or, should it be necessary, pay you a visit and solve the issue that way.

Additionally, they might check your account for possible issues that might be hindering the performance of your internet connection and have them solved from afar.

hindering the performance of your internet connection

On a final note, should you come across other easy ways to get rid of the wi-fi keychain issue, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section and help your fellow readers get the most out of their wireless networks.

Also, by leaving your comment you will be aiding us reach more and more users with our fixes and getting more people enjoying the excellent quality of their wi-fi networks.

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